Spiritual Program of Attraction Not Promotion

You will never see an advert for Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous on television or in the printed media, nor will you ever hear one on the radio. The closest I have ever seen was at my local bottle bank which had s sticker for the AA helpline on it. I thought that was quite a good place to put it though I doubt it attracted many callers. Even when I was going to the bottle bank every day so that my family did not know how much I was drinking, I do not think I would have picked up that phone. We none of us will do it unless we are desperate. It is usually our families who get desperate for us to get some help before we reach that point.

Feeling Accepted

Anyway, I digress. AA and other fellowships like it are so successful because they rely on people being there through seeing something in it for them. It can be that they see a way of stopping drinking or using. Often it is because for the first time they feel accepted and not judged for what they are and what they have become. We find there are many others with exactly the same feelings and difficulties as ourselves.

The ‘abnormal’ becomes almost acceptable and normal. Those wanting an excuse at this point not to stop drinking or using can easily cite the ‘God’ word which they hear in AA. However, this is a ‘God of our understanding’ and there is absolutely no requirement to be religious to be able to go to AA and receive the help that is freely there. The programme is a spiritual one and not at all religious.

Spiritually Depleted

By the time we arrive at the doors of AA (or NA etc) most of us are spiritually depleted. We have low self worth, dislike ourselves, see little point in life and are existing, not living. Our lives are chaotic and we struggle to function and achieve things we used to be able to do standing on our heads.

We all have a spirit. It is the essence of us and what makes us the person we are. If you are in doubt, think of a new born baby. Babies have personalities from the moment they are born even though their brains are not developed. So if we have a spirit and are spiritually depleted when we are at the end of our drinking or using. It is not too great a leap to have belief that we can have a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Program

This does not have to be a religious experience, more it can be a shift within ourselves, an awakening to the possibility that there is hope and life there for us. It can be a shift in our thinking and attitude – a recognition that it is our old ways and character defects that have led us into addiction and we need to change to get out of it. Many people who successfully follow the AA program experience a spiritual awakening from within.

God Of Your Own Understanding

Personally I do not find it hard to accept that there are ‘spirits’ in the world outside. I have personally experienced a haunting spirit as well as a spirit of good. Both were like forces in the room at night time. For me, then, there is a God of my understanding. If you struggle with this, keep open minded as you never know when things may change and what have you got to lose?

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