One of the most important services we offer at The Haynes Clinic is alcohol counselling to help you or your loved one get to the root emotional issues that you may be having that are causing you to want to drink to excess. It is important to understand that alcohol addiction is both physical and mental and both sides of the equations must be attended to if your rehabilitation is to be successful. Our alcohol rehab programme entails sessions designed and proven to be effective in tackling physical and mental dependencies on alcohol (and other substances) and we have seen first hand the positive effects this has had on many of our clients.

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Who are your Alcohol Addiction Counsellors?

We have a number of different counsellors at The Haynes Clinic with specialties in many different areas of counselling. We will quickly ascertain which of our counsellors it would be most beneficial for the client to work with based on the clients specific, individual, requirements. Many of our counsellors have been in recovery from addiction themselves and, we believe, this is what drives them to help people they see in similar positions to their own. We pride ourselves on our holistic and personal approach to our addiction treatment

One on One Addiction Counselling Sessions

A very important part of the treatment plan at The Haynes Clinic are the one to one counselling sessions that we strongly encourage our clients to make full use of. An individual therapy session is far more direct and intense than that of a group therapy session and allows addicts to speak more candidly about what they believe is driving their dependency on alcohol or whatever other substance they are addicted to. Often these leads to a more frank conversation about any past traumatic experiences that the client may have had and this may give the counsellor more information about the cause of the client’s addiction. Once these experiences are identified work can begin in reinterpreting them in healthier ways, encouraging the client to realise that there is no need to drink or take drugs.One other important part of the one on one alcohol counselling sessions is the discussion around relapse prevention. No matter whether you are in early recovery or have been in recovery for a number of years, the treat of relapse is always a real one. Abstinence leaves a gap that many addicts will be looking to fill. We work with our clients to identify stressors and other factors that may trigger the need to begin drinking or taking drugs again. We can then help them develop ways in which to cope with these potential issues so that the first thing they do is not to relapse.

Group Therapy Sessions

Another important part of the counselling process are the group therapy sessions. Group therapy sessions are often undertaken in parties of 4-10 and are incredibly useful experiences for addicts to realise that they are not alone. People can often learn from each other’s experiences in these therapy sessions and apply what they have learned to their own situations. Group sessions can be daunting situations for some individuals to be in. Whilst we do encourage all of our participants to speak and open up there is certainly no prerequisite to do so. We try and make all of our service users feel as comfortable as possible throughout our alcohol counselling sessions.

Family Conference and Counselling

Addictions do not just affect the addict but also the family of the addict. As part of our treatment programme we hold family conference and counselling sessions. By holding these sessions, it allows the addict to understand exactly how their addiction is affecting their family but also the understand that their family are there to help them through. Similarly, it is important for the family to understand that their family member has an illness and make them aware of the underlying causes that are driving the individual to drink or drugs. The ultimate goal is for everyone to go away with a better understanding of each other’s situation and, hopefully, be able to help each other through, what has almost certainly been a difficult time.

The Haynes Clinic is a drug and alcohol rehab clinic which specialised in the residential treatment of addictions through a holistic approach. If you are concerned for yourself or a loved one, please do give us a call on 0330 333 8184 email us on or use the live chat feature. We are here to help.