Alcohol addiction is a problematic issue for a great number of people. It is often progressive, and involves a person craving alcohol despite having alcohol related problems. Alongside a physical dependence on drink, other factors in alcoholism include genetics, psychological and cultural influences. Becoming addicted to alcohol is a gradual process which can heavily influence the chemicals in your brain, causing you to require more alcohol to get the same buzz and feel “good” again.

Our alcohol support groups are a great way to help get yourself sober and understand the many ways that alcohol is affecting your life. Starting with simply talking about your issues with other likeminded people can make a massive difference to your quality of life away from drink and alcohol.

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Alcohol Addiction Groups

You might find that lots of places seem to offer their own version of alcohol addiction support, but here at the Haynes Clinic, you get to work with qualified and professional therapists and specialists, who can help you to get to the root of your issues to help you get sober and stay sober. We work using a range of therapy methods to ensure our clients get the best results they can in the quickest time possible. When it comes to any form of substance abuse, it is vital that you get the right level of support to help you.At our treatment centre, our patients receive the highest level of support they require, from group therapy to individual workshops for relapse prevention and ultimately to get them free from their alcohol issues.

Alcohol Support Programmes

At the Haynes Clinic, we always want the very best for our clients and patients. Our alcohol support groups are no different! We offer a wide range of treatments to help you get over your addiction and set you back on the path to full health. You mental health is an important part of the treatment programme, so our team work hard to ensure you are ready to move on at your own pace. We work to ensure you get sober quickly, yet safely in a welcoming and friendly group environment.The family unit is another important area which can be affected by alcohol abuse, which is why we encourage family systems to get involved in your treatment programme. With more support comes better results, and a better chance at staying sober in the long term.

Alcohol Support Groups FAQs

Who benefits from alcohol support groups?
Anyone who has a problem with drinking and alcohol addiction can benefit from our alcohol support groups. Many people who suffer are actually in denial about how bad their problem is, so talking about issues can really help people to understand how to improve their situation and get sober in a quicker time frame.
Where are your alcohol support groups based?
Our treatment centre is based in Bedfordshire, with residential programmes running alongside our alcohol support groups.
Do you continue to offer help once we have left?
We believe that having a strong support network is vital for clients and patients to rely on when working to get sober. We are always available for added support when you are away from the group.
How do I contact you about an alcohol problem?
You can call us in confidence on 01462 851414 or use the contact form on our website.