21st August 2013

What is an Opiate Detox?

What is an opiate detox? When deciding to abstain from your opiate addiction, the first few steps of a detox can be some of the most important. It doesn’t matter how serious your opiate problem is there is always the ability for an addict to get clean. It is incredibly […]
24th July 2013

Personality and Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction Trying to understand the reasons behind who are more likely to have an opiate addiction and why they have a greater propensity towards addiction than others, can be very complex. At a basic level one will look at the function of narcotics. The effect they have on the […]
12th July 2013

Heroin dangers

Heroin dangers Heroin is used recreationally due to the intense sense of euphoria and relaxation induced when it is taken and is arguably the world’s most addictive substance. It is also incredibly dangerous to use as many people die by a mistaken overdose. The withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop […]
25th June 2012

Addicted to Heroin

Addicted to heroin It’s well known that heroin is one of the most troubling drugs to become addicted to and one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Heroin’s described as creating extreme highs and lows- like a roller coaster. A tolerance is developed with the more heroin they take […]