17th June 2014

Abuse of Over the Counter Medication

Abuse of Over the Counter Medication In the past there was a limit to the substances that could have been abused or experimented with. During the so called ‘hippy’ era marijuana and other hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD were popularly used. Widening the spectrum of drug abuse. Furthermore, the seventies […]
19th April 2013

The dangers of abusing multiple drugs

The dangers of abusing multiple drugs Increasingly people are abusing multiple drugs at a time. Abusing a single drug is sufficient danger in itself. However when people are further complicating and worsening their situation there is a big problem. This behaviour’s called ‘poly drug’ abuse. What is poly drug abuse […]
5th April 2013

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs Drug addiction has been around for a very long time. From opium in the seventeenth century in China to cocaine leaves grown in the foothills of the Andes. However the zeitgeist of drug taking habits seems to be changing and is becoming more focused upon prescription drugs. Although […]
1st December 2012

Avoiding alcohol, drugs and specified medication

Avoiding alcohol, drugs and specified medication As a recovering alcoholic i know i should be avoiding alcohol, drugs and specified medication. it is a simple concept for me to know I should not drink alcohol. I know what it can do to me, as I’ve  never had any problem with […]
19th October 2012

Are Painkillers Addictive?

Are painkillers addictive? It is not common knowledge about the addictive properties of a large number of the painkillers available today. Even though there are drug information facts on most packaging on painkillers. It does not always state that they can be addictive. Evidence of over prescription and over use […]
15th June 2012

Addicted to Sleeping Tablets

Addicted to sleeping tablets Prescription sleeping pills are a common treatment by doctors for poor sleep (insomnia). However it is very easy to become addicted to sleeping tablets. They can help restore sleep in a crisis or during illness. Dosage and length of time they should be taken depends on […]
14th May 2012

Addicted to Sleeping Tablets?

Addicted to Sleeping Tablets? Last week’s Daily Mail headline highlighted the growing problem of becoming addicted to sleeping tablets. This is something that we have noticed here at The Haynes Clinic. We have many clients coming in for rehab with this addiction. For instance, for some it is their sole […]