Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine can be taken in many different ways ending up with addiction, the vapour can be smoked, it can be injected in the liquid form, however the most common is when it is snorted, and the drug is absorbed through the nasal tissue and filters into the blood stream. It affects people in different ways but most people will feel a sense of elation, and will loose the desire for food or sleep.


Cocaine is one of the most difficult substances to be addicted to. One of the reasons for this is the speed at which people can find themselves addicted. Even after the first time one uses cocaine, one can feel themselves craving the high again. This is due to the undeniable rush which one feels when they have taken the drug and the way in which one feels under its influence. People start to use cocaine casually in parties and clubs, however use quickly turns into abuse, and often people find it difficult to even get out of bed without it. Many people underestimate the power of the drug and thus find themselves with a serious problem, but in so much denial around it they are unable to seek help.

Progression of Cocaine Addiction

What can start as social drug use turns into a rampant addiction. One which will turn your loved ones from the person you know and care for into a selfish  self seeking stranger. Addicts begin to lie cheat and steal in order to fund and nurture their addiction. Some of the side affects from a cocaine addiction.  Include weight loss, malnutrition and dehydration, as well as cardiac problems and high blood pressure. The only thing of importance in the addict’s life is their addiction. Thus their job their family and friends come second to their habit. It is important to recognise that it is the addiction which is causing their behaviour and not their general character. When fighting their addiction they are fighting the changes to their character which they and their loved ones have endured.

Family Suggestions

If you find that a family member or close friend has become addicted to cocaine. It is first important to realise that you cannot enable them to continue on the same path. By this we mean that none of your actions will help them to access cocaine. Thus you will not be a part of their addiction. You must not under any circumstances lend them money. Or allow them to take cocaine while they are around you, strict boundaries must be built and adhered to.

Secondly in order for treatment to be any use to the addict they must be able to admit there is a problem. Addiction is almost always shrouded with denial and often anger at those who try to help them. This is why an intervention can be very helpful to both the addict and the family.  As a third party may help to give the individual some perspective about the extent of their addiction. Then when they are able to realise that they have a problem,. Have a genuine desire to get sober. They can join Cocaine Anonymous (CA) or treatment where they can then gain the skills they will need to fight their addiction.

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Cocaine Addiction