Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol and drugs are harmful substances. It is important to be aware of the impact which they have  upon the individual,  family and friends of those who are abusing. It must be recognised that while the addict is using, they are not themselves, and are thus prone to behaviour which may be out or character.

The definition of ‘over indulgence’

There is no set definition of  “over indulgence” of drugs and or alcohol is – it is a very subjective matter. One individual’s concept of unhealthy consumption, is very different from another’s. This is arguably rooted in the fact that drug and alcohol consumption is affected by society’s view. This is often why we see different drinking “cultures” and often the alienation of heroin use in other cultures.

At the Haynes Clinic, we believe the most effective way of tackling a drug problem is abstinence. We believe that those with an addictive personality are unable to take drugs or drink alcohol casually. Therefore,  we believe that for some people it is simply impossible for them to live a life while they have the temptation of alcohol of drugs, and thus it is optimal for them to give up drugs and alcohol completely.

The twelve step program

Most who are considered to have a drug or alcohol abuse problem are referred to the twelve step program. The oldest of such groups is Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA. But, there are many other such groups, including Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or even Cocaine Anonymous (CA). Although there are different groups, all follow the founding principles of the original twelve step program of AA.

Twelve step programs are created and run by recovering addicts. This is due to their experience with long periods of sobriety and their ability to help those who are new to the program. Although many of its members do have a large amount of time sober, anyone who has a sincere desire to recover is welcome. Therefore the system attempts to nurture newer members to take up the mantle of those who run the program today.

The format of the meetings varies, but generally consist of either readings or testimonials. This involves members reading passages which they believe are relevant to their cause. They also speak of their experiences taking drugs or on their road to recovery. The twelve step program gives support to individuals who are seeking to recover, especially when they feel very lonely and marginalised. Furthermore, all types of meetings are aimed at the family members of those with drug and alcohol problems. It is also important to have some form of therapy with an addictions counsellor. This is in order to explore the motivations behind the addiction and drug or alcohol abuse. The individual then has a chance for long term sobriety.

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