Seeking Drug Rehab can be a daunting prospect, but it's the vital first step on the road to recovery.

The Haynes Clinic has had many success stories, treating people suffering from drug addiction or long standing use of prescription medication.

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Are you looking for help yourself or looking for help for a loved one? Take a look at The Haynes Clinic before deciding where to turn

As our patients will testify, the Haynes Clinic’s ethos is to give the best treatment for addiction possible while also treating people as individuals. Our primary purpose is to get people well and happy. We go the extra mile to get them free of their addiction and its accompanying misery and destruction. We will even help you deal with any issues that might have finally prompted you to seek help such as drink driving, an impending court case, relationship breakdown etc.

Drug addiction is a growing problem which now affects hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. You will be surprised at how many people are in exactly the same position as you right now at this moment – desperate themselves or desperately trying to get help for someone they love. There will be many people in your local area in your situation. Whether this situation has arisen because there has been a bad experience in the past or whether it is due to some personality characteristic, we will help unlock the situation so you come to a greater understanding and if necessary get free of the past. Then you can live without fear and resentment in the future.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for everything that you and the staff at the Haynes Clinic have done for Wendy. She came to see me this morning and it was wonderful to see the ‘old’ Wendy back. She looked wonderfully healthy, had a fantastic positive attitude and is rebuilding the relationship with her daughter that she was in danger of losing completely. It is thanks to the clinic that this has been possible.

The Haynes Clinic has had many success stories, treating people suffering from drug addiction or long standing use of prescription medication. If looking for somewhere for treatment it is important to find the right place – which might not necessarily be the closest place. Choosing the best rehab clinic for the individual concerned is quite possibly one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

In choosing the right clinic for you, think about what feels best for you in terms of the following:

In choosing the right clinic for you, think about what feels best for you in terms of the following:

• How will you be detoxed if you need to be? Is this supervised so you can be certain to detox appropriately? Many people cannot manage their own detox which is why it is so difficult to have a successful and long-lasting home detox

• Will you get the best possible counselling?After your detox it is vital that you deal with the reasons why you have been dependent on drink, drugs or medication otherwise the chances are you will go back to it at some point

• How large is the clinic – will you get the personal attention you need and deserve?

• How long do you need to commit to staying? Sometimes a shorter intense stay can achieve more than a long drawn out stay where you have to work less hard
- Do you have to share a bedroom and if so, how many people to a room? Your own bedroom will not get you well but it may make you more comfortable during your stay
- Who can be treated? Does the clinic treat only privately funded clients or can patients from the NHS and criminal justice system be admitted? Will you have much in common with the people likely to be there?
- Are there any hidden extra costs?
- What support is available after you leave? Is aftercare included in the price?

If you are happy with all the answers you receive to these questions, then you have probably found the right clinic. If the Haynes Clinic is right for you, and we are a little way away, then we can come and collect you.
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Services Offered & Treatment

If you decide that The Haynes Clinic might be right for you, take a look at our website which has all the information you should need in order to be able to make up your mind. If you have any questions or want to book in, call us on 01462 851414 for a free confidential assessment. Most people do not need to visit prior to making a decision but if you do feel the need to check us out first, then please call to arrange this.

When you arrive at the clinic you will be welcomed by staff and checked in. Depending on the day and time of day of your arrival and how you are feeling, you may start therapy straight away or you may be allowed to rest and relax when you arrive. However, once you have settled in and your medication has been prescribed and started, you will be expected to attend therapy and start your rehab treatment. This involves attending day therapy at the Clinic Monday- Friday, attending local support group meetings most evenings and getting going on written assignments in your first week with us. We ask you to put your all into it and to do your best – not for our benefit but for yours, so we can help you to get well and happy again and get you back to your home.

You get a little more time to yourself at weekends but there will still be assignments to complete and Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous meetings to attend (and occasionally we take those who need it to Gamblers’ Anonymous or Overeaters’ Anonymous meetings.) Weekends also give you the opportunity to catch up on any laundry you need to do, and to get yourself prepared for a new hard working week!

You will have some time to relax, though, as you will have the opportunity to do a little shopping – staff take you to a local town centre; or you may go to Ballantynes, our local health club which offers a pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and well-equipped gym for the more energetic; on a Saturday night after the local support group meeting you can watch a DVD and have a takeaway with your peers if you prefer that to cooking for yourselves (takeaway not included in our fees); or once a month we take you out for a meal on us so you can see that it is possible to have a good time and a laugh without drink or drugs being involved.

“Just a note to say thank you for all you have done for me. I appreciate your time, effort, patience and understanding. I am so pleased I came to Haynes – my life is so much better these days and I feel happier, have more energy and am enjoying my son so much more. I am also glad that I met you guys and all the others at Haynes…. I love you all and have made some good, life long friends.”

Accommodation & Facilities

The Haynes Clinic is located over three sites, all in rural and pleasant surroundings. The clinic itself which you attend weekdays, is in the midst of the countryside. Nearby woods offer the opportunity for a lunchtime walk if you need to get some air at the end of a busy morning. The Clinic has two large group rooms and a number of side rooms for one to ones and more private meetings. One of the rooms has a computer with internet access should you have any urgent need to communicate on-line, though this is not encouraged as you are at the Clinic to focus on yourself and your treatment, rather than outside concerns. There is a courtyard for smokers or just to sit outside in the warmer weather and have an al fresco lunch.

The accommodation is off site, about a 15 minute drive away – you are transported everywhere you need to go. Two of the houses are detached and adjacent to one another and provide more modern living. The third house is a large country house, furnished more traditionally and in extensive grounds. All three houses offer very comfortable accommodation for eating and relaxing at the end of the day.

Each house has a well-equipped kitchen, large communal sitting room and dining room. You will have your own room as your personal space as we realise that this is needed although you are not encouraged to isolate in treatment and for this reason the only television is in the lounge area. You will generally eat together with your fellow housemates and once you are feeling better you will take it in turn cooking for each other (usually with another person). Don’t worry if you cannot cook – one of the things you will learn while in treatment is how to fend for yourself, should you need any help with this!

While you are with us there is a little pampering available:
• At the health club and gym which you visit once or twice a week. You can swim, take a sauna, relax in the Jacuzzi or get some exercise in the gym
• We have a masseur who comes once a week. Massages are available in 30 minute or 1 hour slots and are subject to a small additional charge
• Auricular acupuncture is offered from time to time
• Once a month we take you out for a meal on us; and after your first full week you can be taken out by your family from the clinic on a Sunday afternoon between 1 and 5pm.

"I have suffered from severe addiction for many years and have tried many different solutions to try and get help, but to no avail. I know that the treatment I have received at the Haynes Clinic has been first class and I now have a real chance at recovery from this killer disease for the first time ever. Without the caring attitude and understanding of the staff and counsellors here I know I would not be clean and sober today. I am now looking forward to a long healthy life without the need for alcohol and all the shame and pain it has brought me in my past years. Once again a massive thank you to everyone at the Haynes Clinic, from both my family and myself. I can honestly say you have given me my life back in more ways than one and for that I am eternally grateful to you all.”

Our Team

At the Haynes Clinic you will be cared for and treated by caring and supportive staff. Soon after checking in you will meet our Doctor, Dr Magda Czerwinska. She is an expert in detox and will prescribe an appropriate detox for you so that your time coming off alcohol, drugs or prescription medication is as comfortable and safe as possible. Dr Magda is also a psychiatrist so should you require a psychological assessment or support for your return to everyday living, she is available to provide this.

The Clinical Team is led by Gordon Lawrie, Psychotherapist , who has many years’ experience of addictions counselling. Gordon cares passionately about his clients and their recovery and has a unique never to be forgotten style! He has got thousands of people well and into long temr recovery during his many years working at all the top treatment centres in the country.

The Care Team are all in recovery themselves or family members of those in recovery so all understand what it is like to be you on the first steps of your journey. The staff and management will do all they can to make your stay as comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Our greatest pleasure is in seeing how much our clients gain from their stay at the Haynes Clinic and returning them home to wherever they live – be it local or wherever in the world! – well and happy.

Our team in detail

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