The need for Private Residential Drug Rehab

Asking for help at last

There comes a point when we may well ask for help.  This “call for help” is generally to a family member or friend or our GP or even our local drug and alcohol services. Generally, though when discussing our problem we will minimise the true amount of our consumption of our drug of choice and this is part of our denial in trying to minimise the extent of the problem.  To move forwards, there needs to be a further change in both our thinking and in our behaviour and this recognition that we now have a problem and that there needs to be major changes in our life has to be the first step of our journey. This idea of change can be very scary and overwhelming and rather than consider the thought of residential rehab, as a first option, we will invariably have further attempts at controlling the amount we are using, making unrealistic promises to family and friends on the way. 

In a way, this can produce a positive mental outcome as the individual realises that whatever they try and do, their drug of choice is beating them. Therefore, the idea of residential rehab becomes more acceptable as a place of safety within a therapeutic environment with people with similar problems and issues. This is a first, as we are used to being around people with the same problem but are choosing to live with that worsening problem on a daily basis  and not to look to positive change that generally only by going in to drug treatment will bring.  

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A safe detox

One of the foremost reasons for choosing to enter a programme of recovery in a rehab clinc is one of safety.  We have been exposing our body to our drug of choice, on a daily basis, and over a period of time the amount of that drug that we are consuming has been steadily increasing. To suddenly try and to stop on our own or even cut back is very dangerous.  Our body is used to the drug and has even become tolerant to it and that is why we use more and more to try and get the same effect. Withdrawing from our drug of choice can cause extreme and serious effects, on our body, including seizures, panic attacks, cramps, severe dehydration, erratic blood pressure and insomnia.

A medically assisted detox

 At The Haynes Clinic, after you arrive, which will have been pre planned, you will go through a general admission process, checking your personal details and you will then be seen by our Doctor, who will prescribe medication for your medically assisted detox. This medication counters these withdrawal effects and a clinical team  will ensure your safety. For example, a heroin detox will take up to 14 days and after that 14 day period your body will be completely free of heroin.  It is reasonably common for heroin users to have been taking /prescribed Methadone and the heroin detox will also cover your Methadone detox too. 

Is rehab confidential?

Because you come under the care of our doctor, it is not necessary to share your medical information with your own GP, unless requested.

Immediate admission and length of stay

The choice of private treatment is also a positive step because when an individual decides that they need residential rehab help, then there is a very short window of opportunity before they suddenly change their mind, and it could be months before they move towards getting help again. Usually, a residential drug rehab can be accessed relatively quickly, which is a real plus.  People will come into drug rehab treatment for generally around 28 days, which is the normal length of a rehab treatment programme but it also common for individuals to remain in rehab treatment for longer. Certainly, the longer someone can remain in drug rehab the more likely they are to remain drug free and this would be due to the amount of therapy they would be receiving, over that period of time, coupled with being away from people they have associated for a longer period of time,  leading to more of an acceptance to make changes for the better.  

A detox is not enough

On starting a detox, it is amazing just how quickly people will start to feel better and even get their appetite back and start eating healthily again. It is important to remember though that the safe detox from your drug of choice is just one element of drug rehab treatment. The second is therapy. From the start of your detox you will be expected to start group therapy sessions within 24 hours of your admission.  There is a daily routine from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep.  Routine and an organised timetable is all new, but you will be doing it with others also wanting to make changes and it makes it easier and will give you a feeling of achievement.  

There will also be the introduction to support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.  You will be attending these support groups with others who are in treatment with you, as it is recommended attendance after you have left treatment and you can easily find meetings close to home.

There is also written work, to gain an understanding around the 12 Step Programme of Recovery used in drug treatment programmes. These are a series of 12 simple Steps to help you look at, understand and to get a new way of living.  In processing this written work you will be able to gain a fuller insight into yourself and the problem and how to work the solution on a daily basis. Drug rehab is like a bridge to normal living and it guides you to making changes that are positive to enable you to live a new life not being destroyed by drugs. You get the opportunity to look at who you were, where drugs took you and who you have the potential to become.

It is a fact that those with a drug addiction problem will live less if they do not make changes and become free from their drug of choice. So actually going to drug rehab could save your life.