How did Treatment in Rehab Help Me?

In December 2010 I arrived to treatment Haynes Clinic for professional help with my addiction to Alcohol and Drugs (cocaine). I could no longer live the life I was living. I needed help!

Running Away From my Inner Self

I was running away from my inner self and my emotions by trying to be someone else with the use of Alcohol and Cocaine. My personality had changed from being a liked person to someone who didn’t care if he was liked or not. My behaviour had got way out of hand.

This affected my friendships and most of all affected my relationship with my loved ones. I could no longer cope with waking up in the morning with all the shame and guilt from my actions. Never mind the consequences of my drink and drug taking. I was so used to running away from the consequences of my behaviour and it was time to face the truth and get better!

Having arrived at The Haynes Clinic not knowing what to expect. I was very upset and nervous about the next 4 weeks, I was welcomed in by the counselling team and introduced to the people I was going to spend my time in treatment with.


This was a great help knowing I had a lot of support from people who were in the same boat as me. The first day I was told to write a life story in my own time and present to the group. I found this harder than I thought because I had to write about upsetting times in my life.

During group time in my first week I focused on getting to know my peers and listened to group therapy. I listened to other people’s life stories and problems which I related to a lot. I was introduced to the twelve step programme which I was totally clueless about – as the counsellors expected. It was a lot to take in at first about how it works because it was all so new. Gradually I seemed to get a better understanding the further into treatment I went.

After reading my life story to the group it felt like there had been a big weight lifted off my shoulders. I was a soldier who had served in Afghanistan on the frontline in Helmand Province and the support I was given was amazing.

Attending AA/NA/CA

The treatment centre also arranges for you to go to AA and NA meetings. This is to get you used to going to the meetings and to encourage you to attend the meetings on a regular basis when you leave treatment. I found the meetings a little strange at first because it was all new to me.  I started to get a lot out of them and met a lot of people on the outside and their life had got so much better. This gave me a lot of hope and faith that the programme would work.

I learnt that through your time in treatment the more open you are to how you are feeling. The more honest you are about your problems in life the more you will benefit. The counsellors at the Haynes Clinic had a very good understanding of the position I was in.  They themselves have all been through the same in the past and are all recovering alcoholics or addicts.

Character Defects

I learnt in treatment all about my character defects and assets and also about negative behaviour patterns I repeated more than once. So through doing the steps I found new positive ways of dealing with life without the use of alcohol and drugs because I learnt I could restore myself to sanity.

Giving Back

I now work at the clinic helping people in treatment. I really enjoy doing this work because I’m learning new things everyday which helps my recovery. Of all things, I am so grateful to the The Haynes Clinic. Going into treatment was probably the best decision I’ve ever made!