18th April 2013

Recovery for Alcoholics after Rehab

Recovery for Alcoholics after Rehab After receiving treatment for alcohol at a rehabilitation centre it is of the utmost importance that the individual must try and sustain their sobriety in whatever way is most effective and suited to their desires and needs. For some individuals, keeping sober may mean keeping […]
16th April 2013

How do I know what addiction looks like?

What does Addiction Look Like? Many people ask what are the true signs and symptoms of alcoholism and drug addiction? When does one cross the line from being a social drinker or recreational drug user, to becoming a fully certified addict or alcoholic? Determining this is possible from looking at […]
15th April 2013

Fear of Treatment

Fear of treatment Fear is an issue which inhibits an individual in their seeking help and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Those who have never had a substance abuse problem will find it difficult to understand. Difficulties involve admitting to a problem and the process one must go through […]
14th April 2013

The Problem With Relapsing

The problem with relapsing When a recovered addict leaves a long term rehabilitation facility, they will believe they can finally remain sober and clean. However, it is highly common for an individual to relapse and fall back into the grasp of their chosen drug. Relapsing can occur due to a […]
13th April 2013

The Factors Affecting Success in Beating Substance Abuse in Rehabilitation

The different factors of substance abuse and rehabilitation The first step in substance abuse rehabilitation is to make sure the addict enters a long term rehabilitation programme. Once a person has entered treatment, it is of the utmost importance for them to remain there and maintain sobriety. The success rate […]
12th April 2013

Alcohol Units, Limits Imposed and Why

Alcohol Units, Limits Imposed and Why Limits and guidelines have been introduced to guide people on how much and what they should drink. It is suggested that men must drink less than 21 units of alcohol in a week. Less than four units per day. Women are guided to have […]
11th April 2013

Drug and Alcohol Treatment and the Criminal Justice System

Drug and Alcohol Treatment and the Criminal Justice System It is not surprising that there is a direct link between the criminal justice system and drug and alcohol abuse. An individual can be pressured in to a substance abuse programme through the legal system in order to avoid jail time. […]
10th April 2013

The Immediate Dangers of Recreational Drug Use

The immediate dangers of recreational drug use The dangers of recreational use of drugs The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Agency has recently pronounced that the perception of taking drugs has to change. This was in response to the incident on the 2nd of February which left Thomas Jones, 19, dead. […]
9th April 2013

Remaining Sober After Treatment

What is addiction? Many people view addiction as the inability to stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol. They view the extreme as addiction, such as a homeless person who has lost everything due to their habit. However there are many addicts who are able to stop for short periods of […]
8th April 2013

Abstinence Based Recovery

Addicts and denial Those who struggle with addiction often find it difficult to get clean due to difficulty in getting help. The root of this problem is denial; many addicts view themselves as social drinkers, or recreational drug takers. This may be true, but it does not mean that they […]
7th April 2013

The Twelve Step Programme at the Haynes Clinic

The Twelve Step Programme at the Haynes Clinic People have been benefiting from the 12 step program, by helping them to recover from alcohol and drugs, and other forms of compulsions and addictions since 1935, when a group of men worked together in an attempt to gain support from people […]
6th April 2013

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Alcohol and drugs are harmful substances. It is important to be aware of the impact which they have  upon the individual,  family and friends of those who are abusing. It must be recognised that while the addict is using, they are not themselves, and are thus […]
5th April 2013

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs Drug addiction has been around for a very long time. From opium in the seventeenth century in China to cocaine leaves grown in the foothills of the Andes. However the zeitgeist of drug taking habits seems to be changing and is becoming more focused upon prescription drugs. Although […]
4th April 2013

Staying drug free after treatment

Staying drug free after treatment Treatment can be incredibly important in order to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. However many people view the four week drug rehab treatment as a one stop shop on the road to abstinence. It is important to understand that in order to stay drug free […]
3rd April 2013

Marijuana / Cannabis is it an addictive substance?

Marijuana / Cannabis is it an addictive substance? A large proportion of people; many think it is simply a “harmless herb”, or “just a plant”. In reality it can have damaging long term effects, and have an addictive nature. One of the reasons why cannabis is seen as being a […]
2nd April 2013

Marijuana is it addictive?

Marijuana is addictive Many people view marijuana as being non-toxic in modern society, and many users of this drug think that it is also not addictive. This however is not true. When people first use marijuana, they may find that it induces a euphoric state. People find this so pleasurable […]
1st April 2013

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine can be taken in many different ways ending up with addiction, the vapour can be smoked, it can be injected in the liquid form, however the most common is when it is snorted, and the drug is absorbed through the nasal tissue and filters into the blood stream. It […]
31st March 2013

Alcoholism – A Disease of Body, Mind and Spirit: Physical Dependency

Alcoholism – A Disease of Body, Mind and Spirit: Physical Dependency Everyone knows that alcoholics are physically addicted and many of us worry far more about any physical damage we might be doing to ourselves before we worry about anything else. This can fool us into not really realising how […]
27th February 2013

We Drink More Than We Think!

We Drink More Than We Think! For those of us working in the field of addiction, this morning’s news that the level of excess drinking in England is underestimated came as no surprise. The story focused on alcohol consumption on a macro level. In terms of comparing the amount of […]
26th February 2013

Progress not perfection

Progress not perfection I have learned I don’t have to be perfect – something I really tried hard to be. And because of this I don’t expect others to have perfection either. It’s about progress – I have become far less judgemental. I accept people more for what they are, […]
25th February 2013

We Are Only As Sick As Our Secrets

We Are Only As Sick As Our Secrets My youngest daughter shared a riddle with me on Sunday. ‘Question: what is it that someone can have and they really want to share it but, if shared, they don’t have it any more? Answer: a secret’. Some secrets need to be […]
24th February 2013

Getting In A Rut

Getting In A Rut To start with, embarking on a journey of recovery, like many other new things in life, is exciting. It is even more so as we have been in the metaphorical darkness for so long that the light is dazzling. Gone is the physical sickness; even more […]
23rd February 2013

Making Amends

Making Amends If we are to stay in a good and healthy recovery we need to make amends to people we have hurt, harmed, abused, disrespected or treated in any way badly in the past. This is because in order to be truly free, we need to put behind us […]
22nd February 2013

Identifying Character Defects

Identifying Character Defects In steps 4 and 5 of the twelve step programme we make a personal inventory of ourselves and identify our character defects. These we share with another human being.  In order to do this, we write a list of all our resentments and fears. All people we […]