Inpatient Drug Rehab

The Haynes Clinic is a specialist rehabilitation provider in Bedfordshire, offering extensive treatment programs for drug addiction and substance abuse, including residential drug rehab. Our inpatient drug rehab program allows the client to live-in with us at our comfortable facility. Both mental and physical health is taken care of in this treatment, with many of our clients staying with us for longer term stays.

We understand that these types of addiction treatment are hard work as well as being emotionally draining, so we believe it is important that our clients have plenty of time to relax and unwind during their stay. We try to encourage our clients towards a healthier lifestyle overall, with a view to making improvements to diet and exercise. Our clients have access to a gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna through our membership of a private health club.

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Drug Addiction Treatment

When it comes to drug addiction and substance abuse, there are many reasons why some people become addicted, and others do not. It is incorrect to believe that people can stop taking drugs just by choosing to change their behaviour – in reality, drug addiction is highly complex. Drugs can alter the brain, making it incredibly hard to quit, even for those who are ready and willing to stop! Our residential treatment programs can successfully help people stop abusing drugs and lead more productive lives.The Haynes Clinic understands the profound and devastating effect drug abuse can have on personal relationships, social lives, careers and health. Our team of specialists recognise that drug addiction is more than just a bad habit which can just be stopped overnight. We help you to recover from addiction both mentally and physically, using a range of drug addiction therapy sessions and groups. We help our clients and their families to get back to normality again through our specialist drug rehab program.

Residential Drug Rehab Program

Here at the Haynes Clinic, we want your inpatient drug rehab stay with us to be as comfortable as possible whilst we get you well again. Every client has their own bedroom, and some rooms have ensuite facilities (available for an extra charge). We have sitting rooms with televisions ready for you to enjoy during free time.All meals are provided during your stay with us, and our fees cover consultation with our doctor and psychiatrist, as well as any medication you require during your detox. Your substance abuse detox will be prescribed by the doctor as soon as possible after your arrival, with the aim to get you off the drugs as quickly and safely as possible. Most clients experience a detox of around 10-14 days, however this can be shorter or longer, depending on the individual circumstances.The daily routine for inpatient drug rehab is well structured, with sessions being held at our treatment centre. You will be brought from the house each day to the addiction treatment centre in the morning, with workshops, group sessions, counselling and more.

Inpatient Drug Rehab FAQ

What do I need to bring with me to my drug rehab stay?
You need to bring clothing with you, which should be comfortable for the length of your stay. We have laundry facilities on site which you can use if required. We recommend you bring swimming kit and gym clothes, even if you don’t think you will be using the pool or gym. Remember to bring any medication you are taking. You can bring some money along for personal items such as newspapers or cigarettes. You will not need to bring towels or bedding.
How long does a drug rehab residential stay last for?
The length of stay depends on the individual – many of our clients stay for several weeks, with the average detox time taking between 10-14 days. This can be longer or shorter. The doctor and psychiatrist will determine the length of your residential stay and treatment programs.
Do you continue to offer help once we have left?
Yes, we are here to support clients once they return home from their addiction treatment, with free counselling each Friday for up to a year once you have left us. You can also keep in touch by phone any time you need us.
Can my family come to visit me whilst I am staying with you?
Yes, we allow visits both by family to you, or for you to go home to see your family. If you do leave the facility, you may be subject to a breathalyser/drug test. Any drinking or using during your stay will result in immediate discharge!
How do I contact you about a drug problem?
You can call us in confidence on 01462 851414 or use the contact form on our website.