Local Rehab Centers VS Distance Rehab

How far away should the rehab be from your home?

The most important thing is not how far away is the rehab but that it is the right one for you. Lots of people think they do not want to go too far and we can understand that, but on the whole, once you get to the rehab, you are so busy focusing on getting well and making the necessary changes in your life, that it does not matter whether you are 30 miles from home or more than 300!

Some people even decide to travel abroad (but on balance that is not something we would recommend – see below).

If you would like to come to the Haynes Clinic but think it might be too far away, do not worry about the distance…

  • We will organise private transport for you to the clinic from anywhere in GB
  • If coming by plane, we can collect you from the airport
  • Once you are here, you do not need to have your family too close by as your treatment takes priority. Visiting is only allowed on your second Sunday onwards. If your family cannot make it to a visit, we have other pleasant activities for you during the visiting period e.g. going to a private health club / spa
  • It can even be better to be some distance from home so you do not feel an urge to return home if things get a little challenging for you (which they can at times during treatment)
  • If you want to come to aftercare but live some distance away, we provide free overnight accommodation
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Are there advantages to local rehab?

Of course if you live close by, there is the advantage of having easy access to aftercare and face to face ongoing support, but distance away is not normally a problem for accessing our support – which is also available by phone and in an online support group.

What about alcohol or drug rehab abroad?

We would not recommend going abroad for treatment. Returning back home can be a difficult adjustment with all the old triggers for your addiction still there to be dealt with.

If you are concerned about your alcohol or drug use, or that of a family member, friend or colleague, please do not hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help.

Whatever the problem, there is hope. We have helped many people to win their battle against alcohol and drug addiction – call us on 01462 851414 (calls are charged at local rate from a landline or pay as you go mobile or are 'free' from within your mobile minutes allowance)

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