The Haynes Clinic operates a 12 Step Rehabilitation Programme which aims for total abstinence.

It includes therapeutic groups and workshops which cover consequences of behaviour, relapse prevention, life skills, anger management, dealing with change and loss, trust and motivation, health and well being etc. The primary purpose of the programme is to ensure that patients are made aware of all aspects of their addiction and to help them develop mentally, physically and spiritually.

The therapeutic sessions involve individual and group participation. Groups are open and mainly focus on the individual’s experience prior to their addiction and during active addiction. We also cover how to maintain recovery and remain abstinent. Clients are actively encouraged to participate and express their emotions. However, everyone is treated as an individual and we are conscious that some people need a little more time before they feel able to fully participate in the group sessions.One to one sessions are also made available as and when needed.Each client’s needs are individually monitored and reviewed during their stay. Our primary objective is to ensure that everyone goes home with the skills and tools required to maintain their recovery.Treatment begins with an assessment by a member of our clinical team. At this stage our GP will prescribe any medication required to help with any detoxification necessary.On a daily basis, group sessions are held morning and afternoon . At weekends there is free time to complete assignments and time off for the health club, shopping and family visits (on a Sunday 1 – 5pm).We also offer meditation, a monthly music workshop (which clients really enjoy as it is interactive and fun!) and other sociable activities which demonstrate how good life can be without alcohol and other mind numbing substances.To summarise, we offer:
  • A full assessment
  • Supervised detox prescribed by our doctor
  • 4 – 6 week full rehabilitation programme
  • Group therapy and workshops
  • One to one counselling and relapse prevention
  • Family conference and counselling
  • Meditation, aromatherapy and massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Free aftercare for one day a week for up to a year after completing treatment
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Option of a full psychiatric assessment
  • Day care programme