What is the Success Rate of the Haynes Clinic?

This is a question I am often asked and understandably people want to know what are the chances of the person coming to drug or alcohol rehab treatment getting and staying well. There are a number of answers I can give.

The temptation is to say that it is impossible to quote success statistics and anyone who does is likely to be making them up. As a social scientist who knows quite a lot about the use and misuse of statistics I know that this is an honest statement to make.

Success Rate

What would your success statistics be based on? I can honestly say that

85% of clients who come to the Haynes Clinic complete the programme for which they are booked and go home clean and sober. They need never drink or use mood altering substances again.

So does that mean we have an 85% success rate? Yes on that measure. However most people would not be satisfied with that. What if everyone drinks or uses again within a week? Most people would say that is a 0% success rate.

The reality is that any success rate is only what it says it is – and it is impossible to keep in touch with everyone who leaves treatment in order to be able to quote one accurately. I can state honestly again that

How many people doing well in the 1st Month?

This month we had 12 people leave the clinic having completed the programme for which they booked. I contacted each and every one of them during their first month and 11 of the 12 (92%) were doing well.

However, when I try and contact them during the second month of their recovery it may be that I only manage to get through to 8 of the 12. Let us say 7 of the 8 are still well. Is my percentage now 7/8 (88%) or do I assume the 4 who have gone off the radar are now drinking or using again (so a success rate of 58%)? And this dilemma continues as we continue to measure success rates over time.

What I can state honestly again is that I know that at the clinic we do really good work and I truly believe that what we achieve here is as good if not better than anywhere else. How can I say this so confidently?

Comparisons to Other Treatment Centres

The patients who come here who have been to other treatment centres almost without exception say that this is the best place they have ever been to both in terms of the love and care shown to them and the treatment they receive. People have got well here and stayed clean and sober for many years after having been to many different treatment centres. We truly witness miracles.

The best part of working in a treatment centre is the people we meet, the difference we make and knowing we get people well long term. It makes our day as happens each week when people contact us to say thank you for days, weeks, months and even years of sobriety.

In summary, we can and do get the most challenging people well here. Everyone who comes into treatment has as good a chance as the next person to get and stay clean and sober. We will do our part of the deal and give you what you need to beat your addiction. You only need an open mind (or a willingness for us to open your mind!) and a desire to get and stay well. If you then take on board our help and advice you can stay well. Hundreds have done it through this treatment centre already. You can be next…