General points

At the Haynes Clinic we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible while getting you well. Our accommodation is comfortable and well appointed – everyone has their own bedroom and some rooms have en suite facilities (these are subject to additional charge). Our houses have pleasant sitting rooms with television which you can watch in your free time.

All meals are provided. Our fees also cover a consultation with our doctor and psychiatrist and all medication you will require for your detox., if you need one. Your detox will be prescribed by our doctor soon after you arrive, our aim being to get you off alcohol / drugs as safely and as comfortably as possible. Your detox will usually take 10 – 14 days, although in certain circumstances it may be over a shorter or longer period.

We have membership of an exclusive private health club which you go to about twice a week. This includes a state of the art gymnasium, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna.

Visits are allowed after your first week with us on a Sunday between 1 and 5pm. If you have a visit, you go out with your visitors; when you return you may be breathalysed / drug tested. Any drinking or using during your stay with us will lead to immediate discharge.

You may bring your mobile phone with you but during your first week you will not have access to it. From the second week onwards you will have your mobile when not in therapy. We prefer you not to bring your laptop with you unless absolutely necessary. If you do, you will not have access to it in your first week with us. Thereafter you may have access under the same guidelines as for mobiles, with staff permission. There is no wi-fi at the houses.

On arrival at the clinic your bags will be checked to ensure there is nothing in them that could affect your recovery while with us (this includes alcohol and drugs).  We will also take any prescription medication and your credit cards / cash into safe keeping.  You have access to your cash as and when required while at the clinic – including when you are taken out shopping (you are taken supervised to a local town shopping once a week) and on a daily basis if you need to buy any personal items (including cigarettes).

Smoking is permitted in designated outside areas at the clinic and at the houses.

You are expected to keep your environment clean and tidy. You will have Therapeutic Duties once you are well enough – these will be explained to you once you are settled in at the clinic.

The daily routine

Monday – Friday

you will be based at our treatment centre. You are brought from the house to arrive at around 9.30 – 9.45 am. Before you leave you will have daily reflections – a reading followed by discussion on what the reading means personally for you and your fellow clients. The programme at the clinic starts at 10 and the structure of each day is usually as follows:

  • Process group – your group to discuss anything that matters to you, in confidence, with your peers and the counsellor(s)
  • Step work – if a client has completed an assignment, this may be presented to the group for feedback


  • More step work
  • Workshop on a topic such as denial, anger etc.
  • Once a week there is community group to discuss issues around living with your fellow clients and once a week there is goals group, when you agree a weekly personal target with the counsellors
  • Everyone is evaluated by their fellow clients (peer evaluation) and has a graduation on completion of the programme
  • You may also have one to one counselling, and during your stay you may participate in a family conference if this is helpful for you and your family
  • At the end of the day (around 5) you return to the house to have dinner. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening you will attend an Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous meeting (you also go to Narcotics Anonymous (NA) on Tuesday lunchtime and NA/AA on a Saturday evening).


– you are based at the house. The morning is for free time, doing personal chores, or doing an assignment set by your counsellor.  After lunch you will be taken shopping or to the health club. Early evening you attend an NA / AA meeting before returning to the house for personal time – or once a month we take everyone out for a meal where you learn how you can relax, laugh and enjoy yourself without having a drink or drug.


morning you have free time; the afternoon is for family visits or shopping / health club. Everyone is back at the house soon after 5 for a meal and relaxing evening prior to a new week.

Please note, family visits are from 1 until 5pm. You are met by your family at the clinic at 1pm and taken out for the afternoon, returning back to the clinic for 5pm.

What to pack

You should bring clothing to be comfortable for the length of your stay. There is a washing machine which you can use when required.

Even if you do not think you will be using the pool at the health club, it is worth bringing swimming things with you so you can at least use the Jacuzzi or sauna if you feel like it during your stay. If you are likely to want to use the gym, bring trainers / jogging bottoms.

You should bring any medication you are taking. This will be assessed by our doctor.

The only money you need is for personal items e.g. newspapers, cigarettes.

You do not need to bring towels or any linen with you.


We are here to support all our clients once they return home. We offer a free day’s counselling every Friday for up to a year after you leave us. You can get all the support you need and meet up with the friends you make when in treatment. You can also keep in touch with us by telephone  at any time and we will give you any support you need.