Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Bedfordshire

The Haynes Clinic is a residential addiction treatment centre for drug and alcohol rehab based in the countryside in Bedfordshire. This renowned clinic is professionally recognised in the UK and we regularly admit people from areas throughout the country and sometimes abroad.  We are unique in that we can take admissions 7 days a week and if you do not live in the Bedfordshire area and a family member or friend can not drive you to the clinic then, for a small fee, we will send a member of staff to collect you. 

The Haynes Addiction Rehab Clinic

Services offered by The Haynes Clinic

We are able to offer an admission 7 days a week. For many to be admitted on a Saturday or Sunday is very helpful as they are able to commence their medicated detox for alcohol or drugs before starting the therapy sessions on a Monday morning.  We also believe that there is a time when an individual will be genuinely asking for help and it is important to be able, subject to an assessment, to be able to offer that individual treatment as soon as is feasible. At the Haynes Clinic it is possible to make a telephone enquiry and, subject to bed availability, be admitted that same day. When anyone is admitted to The Haynes Clinic they come under the medical care and supervision of our own consultant doctor who is an experienced psychiatrist. You will be counselled by the clinical team and professionally monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  An alcohol detox will normally take up to 10 days to complete, an opiate detox 2 weeks and a Benzodiazepine detox usually up to 6 weeks, and anyone will usually be commencing therapy within 24 hours of starting on their medicated detox. 

We believe that treatment is a bridge to normal living. We usually can offer separate male and female accommodation.  There is a school of thought that addiction therapy and starting on a road to normal living should be undertaken in separate locations rather than in an institutionalised setting.  Our accommodation addresses are on average a 10 minute drive from our main clinic centre. They are always staffed and clients are taken in people carriers to and from the accommodation by their house manager. This means that anyone in treatment will be constantly monitored and the risk of a relapse whilst in our care is reduced to virtually zero. The care, comfort and safety of everyone that has been admitted to The Haynes Clinic is paramount.

The other thing that people do not realise is how important it is that we look at all aspects of our personality and behaviour. How we get on with staff and peers at the houses is all part of the therapy process. We may find some peers more difficult to get along with than others, for example. All feelings raised and our behaviour in our ‘home’ during treatment will be looked at in the therapy sessions at the treatment centre.

The main male accommodation is based in a property that has noted historical interest and is set within its own grounds. The designated female house is an old comfortable and well equipped farmhouse.  Everyone has their own bedroom and it is possible to have ensuite facilities, if available, at an additional weekly cost.

What happens upon arrival

We ask that anyone who is on prescription medication brings that medication with them in a named box so that we can ensure that everyone gets the correct dose of all that they need. Whilst some personal details will have been taken prior to admission, on arrival these are confirmed and additional information obtained by staff and the clinic’s doctor who is also a consultant psychiatrist. Medical notes can either stay private and remain at The Haynes Clinic or be shared with your own GP.  The Haynes Clinic’s doctor will prescribe medication if a detox is required to come off drugs or alcohol and will oversee the detox along with the staff.  Detox medication is taken on a reducing regime and thus eventually will be tapered off. It is primarily to help with the withdrawal symptoms of coming off alcohol or drugs.  If a detox is not required, if for example you have a gambling addiction, then you will be being admitted into a safe environment to assist in breaking the addictive cycle.  The minimum period that anyone is admitted for residential treatment is 14 days and usually people with an addiction will come to us for 28 days.


At The Haynes Clinic you will start attending the structured daily therapy programme as soon as possible and that is usually within the first 24 hours after being admitted.  The main modality is based around the traditional and proven  12 Step programme used by the support groups of Alcoholics, Narcotics, Cocaine and Gamblers Anonymous. There is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which looks at the changes needed to make with our addictive thinking and behaviour and holistic sessions of yoga and meditation.  During treatment everyone attends support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and it is recommended that, having completed treatment, everyone attends 12 Step Fellowship groups local to their home address to help with staying well. 

For those that have completed a 28 day residential treatment period, there is the addition of at least 12 months of ongoing, once a week, Aftercare.  There is no additional cost for this ongoing support which is held at the clinic each Friday or, if not living close by, then via Zoom meetings.  This ongoing support and therapy greatly reduces that chance of a Relapse as the individual has built up trust with the therapy team so feels comfortable asking for help and direction in preventing a Relapse. 

Contacting The Haynes Clinic

You don’t have to live in Bedfordshire in order to contact us.  We are always willing to help to try and answer any questions that anyone may have even if it is just a general enquiry from a family member or friend.  Also, you can arrange an appointment to visit The Haynes Clinic either for a free assessment or to see if you like us and  the surroundings in which we are based

Helpline 01462 851414


Email enquiries@thehaynesclinic.com