Will you tell me whether I’m an addict / alcoholic?

The fact that you are reading this probably means that you have some concerns about your drinking / using. Is it you that is concerned or is it your partner, family or friends that are on your case? Are you worried about being told you are an addict / alcoholic?

In the end, it is just a label. You are what you are and the label will make no difference. What will make a difference is doing something about it. In order to decide what sort of help you need we will collect a lot of information from you and the people who love and care about you who are affected by your recent behaviour. We will give you a full assessment and really get to know you. You will also get an assessment with our consultant psychiatrist. In the end, with our help you will come to your own conclusion about whether or not you are an addict / alcoholic.

It is important to realise that alcoholism and addiction comes in many different shapes and sizes. Let’s take alcoholism as an example. The traditional view of an alcoholic is of a homeless person on a park bench, with a bag at their feet swigging from a can or bottle. That is one type but only a tiny proportion of all alcoholics are homeless. Another view is that to be an alcoholic you have to drink in the morning. That is also a mistaken view – you can be an alcoholic and not drink for many days or weeks at a time. You may be someone who binges but once on a binge, you cannot stop drinking and there are many negative consequences to your binges for both you and people who care about you. You may have a successful career and on the surface have everything – but still be concerned about your drinking and its impact on your life.

Not all heavy drinkers are alcoholics. Not all binge drinkers are alcoholics. Not all drug users are addicts. We will help you to come to your own conclusion as to whether you are an alcoholic or addict by looking at your own drinking / using, how it affects your behaviour and the consequences, and how it affects how you feel within yourself.


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