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Addiction Rehab Treatments

The Haynes Clinic offers Primary Care which will detox you from the substances that you are suffering with and teach you the solution to living your life free from these substances. For those that need additional support, we offer Secondary and Tertiary Care.

Primary Care

  1. Detox – You will have a consultation with our psychiatrist who will gather information on your medical, psychiatric and addiction history. The Psychiatrist will prescribe a medically assisted detox specialised for your requirements.
  2. Counselling – You will have specialist addiction and CBT groups and one-to-one counselling sessions.
  3. 12 Step Program – We will provide an introduction to the 12 Step Program and teach you the tools to live life clean and sober when you leave treatment.
  4. AA/CA/NA – You will be taken to 4 external AA/CA/NA meetings a week, which will complement the 12-step program introduction.
  5. Workshops – Group workshops tailored to our current patients such as: Anger Management, Resentments, Managing Emotions, Co-dependency, Understanding the neuroscience behind addiction, Step workshops and many more.
  6. Meditation, Yoga, Acupuncture and Massages – Learning to calm the mind and focus on mindfulness in recovery.
  7. Accommodation – Everyone will have their own bedrooms, with executive ensuite rooms available on request.
  8. Meals – All food will be provided during your stay with us.
  9. Gym – Opportunity to go to an off-sight gym and spa up to twice a week.
  10. Family Conference and Counselling – Towards the end of your treatment, your family can be bought in for a session with your personal counsellor.
  11. Visits – Once you have been in treatment for a week, your loved ones can visit on Saturday from 11-3pm.
  12. Shopping – On a Saturday you will have the opportunity to go shopping to pick up any personal items that you may need. A member of staff will be with you at all times.
  13. After care – We are here to support all our patients once they return home. We offer a free day’s counselling every Friday for up to a year after you leave us. You can get all the support you need and meet up with the friends you make when in treatment.

Tertiary and Secondary Care

After Primary Treatment there is the opportunity to slowly re-introduce yourself back into normal living with secondary and tertiary care. This offers support and guidance with your recovery, along with looking for jobs, places to live and a new beginning in life.

Secondary Care

The Haynes Clinic Secondary Care consists of:

  1. Attending the clinic for morning counselling sessions.
  2. Being given guidance for updating/writing your CV.
  3. Support in looking for jobs/future accommodation/education/voluntary work.
  4. Accompanied too four external meetings each week.
  5. Accommodation and Food Provided.
  6. All day After care on a Friday.
  7. Overall Support and Guidance in recovery.

Tertiary Care

Tertiary care offers people the opportunity to live in a safe environment while going to work/ voluntary work/advancing education.

  1. Accompanied to four external meetings each week.
  2. Accommodation – Living in a safe environment.
  3. All day after care on a Friday.
  4. Overall Support and Guidance.