How long is the treatment?

A detox (depending on the individual) is a minimum of two week’s stay. A full programme is usually 28 days.

We always recommend a minimum of a 28 day stay. Our belief here at The Haynes Clinic, is that to build a good longstanding recovery you should have a strong foundation to start with. This is something that can be achieved by staying in treatment for a lengthier period of time – allowing yourself more time to pick up the tools that you need to live a fulfilled, content, sober life and begin to put them into practice.

We tend to discourage clients from checking in for quick detoxes as doing so does generally not lead to long term sobriety but is more of a ‘short-term fix’. People can often fall in to an unhealthy pattern of detox’s and relapses due to not wanting to confront the root issues of their addiction or dependency. However, if you really are just looking for a safe place to detox and nothing more, we will of course support that decision and enable you to do so.

Longer term treatment will help you to challenge the reasons behind your addiction. Working through your feelings in a supportive environment can help you to challenge your demons, understand how you can alter your responses to the negative experiences in your life, and recognise what your trigger points are. This in turn offers you the opportunity to strengthen your self-esteem and self-belief, to believe that you are worthy of a life free of addiction.

Our 28 day treatment plan includes a prescribed detox (if needed) , a psychiatric assessment, accommodation (en-suites available upon request) , 24hr supervision, access to gym/spa, all meals provided, group therapy, 1:1 counselling, varying workshops, meditation & yoga.

If you complete at least 28 days you will be entitled to a free year of aftercare. Aftercare takes place at the clinic every Friday 9-5.

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How long is the treatment?