Addicted to Heroin

It’s well known that heroin is one of the most troubling drugs to become addicted to and one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Heroin’s described as creating extreme highs and lows- like a roller coaster. A tolerance is developed with the more heroin they take to get the desired effect. After only a short period of usage a person will be become physically addicted to the drug and if they go a prolonged time without abusing it their body will experience withdrawal symptoms of pain, vomiting, cramping, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Thus, to avoid these bad side effects, the now addict will use more and more.


This cycle shows how highly addictive heroin is. However, the perils of heroin use do not stop there. Heroin can be taken via injections which have been know to give addicts diseases, like hepatitis and HIV. Furthermore, a large dose of heroin can be fatal, leading to many unintended deaths. Nevertheless, people know the atrocious effects of heroin yet many adults and youths still abuse it. What is more, heroin is a class A drug making it highly illegal and therefore underground.

Addicted to Heroin – Seek help immediately

There are many slang names for heroin including Bobby, Harry, dope, smack, skag etc. If you suspect at all that a loved one may be experimenting or involved with heroin seek help immediately. Heroin addiction treatment is a very challenging process. It is very often the case that the addict will relapse and return to using heroin after treatment. Therefore it is necessary that heroin addicts who are looking to get back to their normal lives undergo an extensive rehabilitation programme that tackles and overcomes not only the physical but the mental addiction too.


In order to fight the incredibly addictive drug. Some physicians within rehabilitation centres will prescribe medicinal help in order to alleviate cravings. With the intention of weaning the addict off the drug and into a heroin detox.

There are risks when using this method to overcome heroin addiction and therefore monitoring is highly recommended.

Residential rehabilitation

In order to get the best and most effective help for overcoming heroin addiction rehabilitation centres are recommended with qualified professionals to give each and every person the attention they require.

The mental aspect is just as if not more important for an addict to tackle and it is very important that as a recovering drug addict you remain motivated to stay off drugs and that you want to maintain sobriety for the long-run.

We can help people who suffer from addiction to alcohol, drugs, food and gambling. You can book a free assessment with us and come and look around our clinic with no obligations. You can alternatively just call us, if rehab is not an option and we can guide you to the services that are available to you in your area.

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Addicted to Heroin