6th August 2013

Cocaine – why do people take it and what does it do?

Cocaine – why do people take it and what does it do? Cocaine can make the user feel euphoric, positive, wide awake and generally very confident. These effects alongside the fact that many are able to drink alcohol whilst on the drug make it clear why. People take cocaine recreationally […]
4th August 2013

Drug Addiction: What Is Intervention and How Can It Help?

Drug Addiction: What Is Intervention and How Can It Help? People who are addicted to drugs do not believe they have a problem. If there is a problem, it’s your problem. That is a key idea to remember when trying to help a friend or loved one who is in […]
1st August 2013

The Addictive Nature of Drugs

The Addictive Nature of Drugs Herion Heroin is arguably the most addictive drug in the world. It affects opioid receptors throughout the body and mirrors the effects of endorphin’s, dampening pain and causing pleasure. Your brain has millions of opioid receptors, thus when people take heroin they are essentially training […]
15th April 2013

Fear of Treatment

Fear of treatment Fear is an issue which inhibits an individual in their seeking help and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Those who have never had a substance abuse problem will find it difficult to understand. Difficulties involve admitting to a problem and the process one must go through […]
14th April 2013

The Problem With Relapsing

The problem with relapsing When a recovered addict leaves a long term rehabilitation facility, they will believe they can finally remain sober and clean. However, it is highly common for an individual to relapse and fall back into the grasp of their chosen drug. Relapsing can occur due to a […]
13th April 2013

The Factors Affecting Success in Beating Substance Abuse in Rehabilitation

The different factors of substance abuse and rehabilitation The first step in substance abuse rehabilitation is to make sure the addict enters a long term rehabilitation programme. Once a person has entered treatment, it is of the utmost importance for them to remain there and maintain sobriety. The success rate […]
10th April 2013

The Immediate Dangers of Recreational Drug Use

The immediate dangers of recreational drug use The dangers of recreational use of drugs The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Agency has recently pronounced that the perception of taking drugs has to change. This was in response to the incident on the 2nd of February which left Thomas Jones, 19, dead. […]
9th April 2013

Remaining Sober After Treatment

What is addiction? Many people view addiction as the inability to stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol. They view the extreme as addiction, such as a homeless person who has lost everything due to their habit. However there are many addicts who are able to stop for short periods of […]
8th April 2013

Abstinence Based Recovery

Addicts and denial Those who struggle with addiction often find it difficult to get clean due to difficulty in getting help. The root of this problem is denial; many addicts view themselves as social drinkers, or recreational drug takers. This may be true, but it does not mean that they […]
6th April 2013

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Alcohol and drugs are harmful substances. It is important to be aware of the impact which they have  upon the individual,  family and friends of those who are abusing. It must be recognised that while the addict is using, they are not themselves, and are thus […]
30th January 2013

Twelve Step Programmes

The Twelve Step Program The 12 Step Programme is arguably the best way for addicts and alcoholics to get well, maintain sobriety and pursue a enriched life. There are other ways of getting well too, yet the 12 step program has worked for millions and proved to be highly successful. […]
29th January 2013

Staying Sober

Most of us attempt to stay sober for a long period of time and in many different ways. The Ways I Attempted to Achieve Sobriety As a recovering addict, I attempted the following: – keeping a mental note of the units I drank and vowing to stop at a certain […]
27th January 2013

Visiting your GP

Alcoholics often feel ill, yet many resist visiting the GP. Why addicts avoid the GP There are a number of reasons for this, one of them being that we do not want to admit to our problem. We also do not  want to ask for help. We may or may […]
11th January 2013

Who should I tell about my alcoholism or addiction?

Considering your options This is a difficult question to answer, and is one that is personal to your circumstances when it comes to alcoholism and addiction. The simple answer is that the more people that know about your issue with alcohol and or drugs, the easier it should be. Those […]
8th January 2013


It is common for addicts to be unable to recognise they have a problem, and be in a constant state of denial. Family, friends and colleagues will try and help them into treatment. Yet, an addict will generally believe that everything is being blown out of proportion. Drug and alcohol […]
3rd January 2013

Withdrawal, detoxing and rehabilitation centres

The process of withdrawal within the brain Generally, those who enter rehabilitation centres for alcohol or drug addiction have been abusing substances right up to their point of admittance. This is often due to the client’s decision to have a ‘blow out’ before finally quitting. The reason withdrawal happens is […]
1st January 2013


What is ketamine? Conventionally, Ketamine is known to be used in veterinary medicine as an anaesthetic. Occasionally, in paediatric medicine it’s used for the same purpose. The drug can both relieve pain and create strong hallucinations. The Ketamine that people acquire off the street is generally likely to have been […]
23rd December 2012

Is our problem only drink or drugs?

When to give up? No one can force us to give up our drink or drugs. No one can force us to admit we are an alcoholic or an addict. We have to be prepared to admit that to ourselves. Others may spot it first, and almost certainly our loved […]
22nd December 2012

What is a dry drunk?

What is a dry drunk? A dry drunk is someone who is no longer drinking or using but who has not changed their life, feelings or behaviour. Lots of alcoholics and addicts think that they only need to stop drinking or using and all will be well. They think their […]
21st December 2012

Addiction is a disease

Alcoholism is a disease Alcoholism is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a disease. Addiction is also a recognised illness. Many of us with the illness are quite relieved to find that it is just that. We like the term disease given that many of us have been feeling […]
20th December 2012

The First Month of Sobriety

Many alcoholics and addicts try many times to give up alcohol and drugs before finally making it. To start with, although many of us get into some embarrassing scrapes and cause pain to the people we love, we are still getting more from our drinking or using than we are […]
15th December 2012

What does an addict look like?

Are you wondering if you might have a problem with drink or drugs? Are you considering that you can’t be an alcoholic or addict, because you do not look like one and your circumstances don’t suggest you are? Many people are under the misconception that in order to be an […]
8th December 2012

Crystal meth

What is methamphetamine? N-methyl-1-phenyl-propan-2-amine, also referred to as methamphetamine, methylamphetamine, or desoxyephedrine, commonly recognised as ‘meth’. In crystalline form, the chemical called crystal meth. Commonly called ice, Tina, or glass, it goes by many other street names. Widely used in specific other countries such as America and Australia and a […]
20th November 2012

Can recovering drug addicts drink alcohol?

Abstinence of drugs and alcohol Here at the Haynes Clinic, we often face the challenge of convincing some of our younger drug addicts that the way forward for them is total abstinence. This means no alcohol. Many of them protest that they have never had any problem with alcohol, so […]