Facilities & Accommodation

Our accommodation is in two separate locations off-site and is to a high standard and comfortable. All clients have their own bedrooms and executive rooms with en suite facilities are also available.

All meals are provided and an account is taken of client’s individual needs (please make us aware of these prior to admission).

Towels are also provided. Clients need only bring with them clothes suitable for their stay (laundry facilities are available) and anything they need for visits to the health club (swim wear, clothes for the gymnasium etc.). The only additional money required is to purchase personal items such as newspapers etc.

Mobile phones are allowed but are not allowed to be used during the first week’s stay. Supervised access to the house telephone and, if necessary, the office computer is allowed during the first week. Thereafter, clients may use their own phones in their free time.

We prefer you not to bring a laptop but if you feel you need to, please ask about arrangements prior to admission (you will not have access to it during the first week and also there is no internet access at the houses).

Clients have access to pleasant gardens.