In the past 10 years, we have treated over 1,500 patients and supported families with people suffering with alcoholism and drug addiction. Below are some of the patients and family members thoughts and feelings.

When I first started my sessions with Binz I was in a dark place, and had lost myself. I had no confidence, was scared and extremely unhappy. I knew I wanted to end my marriage but was struggling to detach myself and make the break. Binz helped me to understand alcoholism and to deal with all the varied emotions of guilt, failure and worthlessness that often comes with living with someone who has an addiction. Fast forward a few months and I’m in a completely different place. I’ve got tools and techniques that help me deal with the actions and behaviours of the addict, I’m able to detach and live the life I deserve. I feel positive about my future and feel free from all the baggage I’d been carrying around for years. I couldn’t have got here on my own and I’ll be forever grateful for all the support. You have helped me more than you will ever know. Thank you.
My time at The Haynes Clinic has given me the tools to go into recovery with a deep understanding of my addict, I am blessed for this opportunity. C.A. '20
Friendly , caring staff, made me feel welcome. The programme was hard work but worth it! - J.W. '20
I have learned a lot from the counsellors at The Haynes Clinic. They have helped me see things in a different way - real credit to Haynes and my peers. - R.N. '20
Haynes is a tough but fair program, no airy fairy luxuries, simple very effective program, designed to make you better if you want it. AC - Jan 2020
Haynes is not just a quick detox its a foundation for life, one that with commitment and honesty will change anything. JH - Dec 19
I can't thank everyone at Haynes enough for giving me the chance of a new and happy life. Very intense programme of treatment but worth every second and every penny. - J.B '19
Without The Haynes Clinic I would be on a fast track to death. I would still be making myself and my family miserable. Thank you. J Nov 2019
Coming into the Haynes Clinic has been a life changing experience for me, all for the better. I can now look forward to a happier spiritual life without alcohol. The best thing I have ever done. K - Nov 19
This place has given me all the tools I need for my recovery. The support is excellent. S - Oct 19
Thanks Haynes for looking after me throughout my program - don't be apprehensive, there service is second to none. A - Sep 19
The experience I have had has been nothing but wonderful. J - Sep 19
One 'Thank you' will never be too many and 1,000 never enough. Thank you the Haynes Clinic for your kind, patient, thorough, invaluable support - now and in the future. My gratitude always, you have probably saved my life. See you at Aftercare! R - Sep 19
Haynes Clinic has given me the tools I needed to start my new life. I will be externally grateful for this. R - Sep 19
Recovery - you can get it here - providing you really want it. S - Aug 19
Thank you for all your help and support during my stay at the clinic. You have given me the tools I need to stay clean and it's now up to me to use them. J - July 2019
If you think Rehab is easy and that a simple stop button exists at the end then think again. Haynes is boot camp for serious people wanting to stop their addictions. You hate it but end up embracing it. I leave it with a positive outlook on life, and I'am glad I came. Don't just detox - Quit for good! I have enjoyed the whole experience. TD - July 2019
I would just like to say thank you for all the support you have all given me over the last 4 weeks. You have been very kind and compassionate. Thank you once again. Love MH - July 2019.
A year ago today, I brought my son to your clinic. I was more than a little sceptical as he had been on a downward spiral since he was in his early teens. I honestly could not see a solution. Today he has gone a year free from alcohol and drugs, he has a good job and a lovely flat. Everyone is amazed at the transformation. We know that is an ongoing challenge but he is so positive now and determined to continue the good skills you gave him. I'm sure he will succeed. Thank you for my son. BD - July 2019
The Haynes Clinic has saved my life. I was on a downward spiral through drinking. Everyone of the team were brilliant, kind, caring and they wanted me to become better, more than me at first, but they soon made me realise, there was a life worth living again without alcohol. John - July 2019
Sue, Gordon and everyone at Haynes. Thank you so much for the help and support you have all given me over the last seven months. I can't put into words how grateful and lucky I feel to be able to start here for the first part of my recovery. Thank you for getting me back on my feet, telling me a lot of things i didn't want to hear, dealing with my tantrums in the first few works and ultimately helping me to become a new person. I hope I can continue to give to others what you have shown me in my time here. I will miss you all but will never be too far away. Love from DW xxx - June 2019
Money well spent! My time here has given me a chance to get a life back that I thought was lost for good. You make great friends (staff & peers) and go on a spiritual journey that sets you up to deal with life on life's terms & deal with your addiction head on. KC - June 2019
“If you are at your wits’ end and feel no one cares or you have had enough of your habit, this is the place to come” Quote from patient - August 2012
When I came in the Haynes, I was a broken man, but they soon built me back up again block by block which has helped. AJ - February 2019
If you want to, and really want to get well and address your addiction then there is no better place to do this than the Haynes. It isn't easy at times but just think of the strength of the demon you are trying to conquer and i personally was quick to understand that you have to fight fire with fire. Cameron - March 2019.
Intensive 4 weeks hard but very beneficial work carried out. I believe Haynes has given me the tools and directions I needed to get over my illness for good. John - February 2019
I found my start at The Haynes Clinic very beneficial for the rest of my life. The counsellors work extremely hard to aid their clients with recovery and offer a great resource in weekly aftercare. Chris - April 2019
I attended the Haynes Clinic on a 28 day treatment plan. What an amazing place. I feel like I'am reborn. Fantastic staff, all so friendly and welcoming. The Haynes Clinic is my home away from home. Thank you Haynes. Bradley - March 2019
I would highly recommend Haynes Clinic for treatment, it has given me a new life & faith for a better journey in life; also the ongoing support after 28 days treatment and offers supporting groups meetings like AA/NA/CA. Norma - December 2018
Haynes Clinic has totally changed how i feel about my addiction and make me realise i can learn to overcome it and live a life worth living. After a relatively short time of 28 days here i believe i will be leaving with new tools and knowledge that will aid in my recovery for years to come. The staff here have all been fantastic whether it be at the clinic or the house. Jim - Feb 2019
I found The Haynes Clinic to be excellent and caring towards my care and comfort while withdrawing from alcohol. The AA 12 Step programme adopted by the clinic is challenging and rewarding when you put the work in. This has opened my eyes to the true disease of alcoholism and the impact it has on me and my loved ones families. The group clinics are challenging and in depth designed to help you get right to the cause of any historic or current reasons you may want to pick a drink up on.
The Haynes Clinic has saved me from my old self and gave me a new start on life again. Shaun - April 2019
With our heartfelt thanks to you all for your work with G. A & S.
A massive thank you to everyone for getting me clean and showing me a new way of living. I knew nothing of recovery until my time with you, but you planted a seed for which I will be forever grateful. I now have a life I never imagined possible - doing what was suggested - a program, step work, meetings, sharing and helping others. Life has now settled into a comfortable easy and relaxing simple pace. I have my family back and they have me. Keep up the good work - It works if you work it!! Thank you again D and Family.
I can’t thank you enough for the gift that you have given me - my new way of thinking & for my new life of sobriety. I have a long road ahead, but I leave here with the tools & the AA 12 step program, my reading, prayers to my higher power, meditation, unity and service. I have new life and have never been this happy. I will be back for aftercare and look forward to seeing you all again and knowing I can contact you if I need advice or help. I will be going straight out to my meetings and finding a sponsor when GOD allows. The fellowship will also be a fantastic place to be with, as they are the only people like yourselves that know how my mind, body and spirit works. Love & Hugs S
A big thank you to all your wonderful people who helped bring out brother/son back. We could never thank you enough for your honesty, time, guidance and support. Keep up the hard work thanks again. From R and Family.
I am writing this to say thank you for your welcoming service that I have found to be very helpful and useful, sort of like a friendship. From M
I’ve just celebrated 30 days clean and sober. I may have been "clean" for longer in the past, but this last month has been very different, thanks to you all and the programme you've introduced me to. I am so grateful for the serenity, honesty and humility I am learning. I know this is just the start of my journey, but you have shown me the path of light and love, so I can see where I’m going. Thank you from L
I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for everything you and your team have done for me. You are by far the most amazing person I have ever met in my life and I’ve got so much love and respect for you it’s unreal. You won’t believe the changes transformation in me so far and you’ve inspired all these changes in me. I honestly feel like I’ve got my life back on track and I’m aspiring to do greater things with my newfound self-belief. I am enjoying my life now and I wouldn’t have seen this as possible without you and your help. My attitude has changed drastically, and I feel I have grown up so much. I’ve been cooking my mum dinner, helping her around the house and the mad thing is I enjoy doing it now. I’ve stayed clean since I’ve left the clinic, attended meeting and got such a good support network from everyone. The world is opening. I feel like my life is only going to get better from here if I stay focused and I am going to further my education which you gave me the confidence to do. You have helped me find myself and realise my potential. I have taken on so much from what I learnt at the clinic and will not let it go to waste. I love you Gordon and I hope we meet again. E
I can’t even put into words what you have done for me, you have not only saved my life, you have given my family their daughter, wife and mother back. I came into the Haynes truly believing I was a bad person who deserved to feel so low about myself, sad every day, thinking this earth would be a better place without me. I leave Haynes as someone who deserves to be happy, and that can be, I feel real peace in my body right now, committed to keep that feeling. Thank you all. Dear Bill, I owe you massive thanks, you are an amazing counsellor. I have loved watching you work with others. You have really inspired me to the point of looking in to taking up a college course and going into therapy myself. Thanks again From E and Family
A big thank you to all your wonderful people who helped bring our brother son back. We could never thank you enough for your honesty, time, guidance and support. Keep up the hard work, Thanks again. Love from RL's sisters and mother
Just to say many thanks to you all for the care and help you have given to Nick when all else failed us, you didn’t, very much appreciated you guys go the extra mile. All my Best Regards A and Family
Its R here from the class of summer 2010. I just wanted to say I’m doing well, and my family have grown and prospered. I often think back to those dark days and reflect on how the support of you guys was amazing and transformational in my life. I am forever in your debt and eternally grateful for all your support and tough love. My life has really stabilised and grown positively and I’m now a politician and Indeed Elected Leader of the Council. Much love and your often in my thoughts Sue and Gordon. My best wishes’ Rx
Councillors and all staff I want to express my sincere gratitude for all your help, guidance and sometimes “Tough Love” during my five weeks in clinic. You all supported me through a difficult time of my life and helped to put me together again. You have shown to me the path that I need to follow. I now know the direction that I need to go. Thank You Love Paul
Dear Sue and Gordon, it’s been a year since I entered The Haynes Clinic- It seems so long ago. As part of my ongoing recovery I consciously decide never to forget how bad it was when I was in active alcoholism, and to be grateful for the first moments of my recovery and its continuation. I remember with joy and gratitude the genuine interest you all took in my recovery- believing in me when i had stopped believing in myself. The three weeks at Haynes were a period of honest self- discovery guided by your support and insight into the recovery process. I really enjoyed my time at the clinic and despite the tough regime, learned to relax and find peace in the process I was undergoing. Thank you for providing me with a safe place a positive environment and genuine care during this time. I am slowly beginning to experience the promises from The Big Book become a reality in my life. I am grateful to God for his patient love with me and his grace at every moment. I hope the work is going well and that many are still coming through your doors to find healing and a new life for themselves. My prayers and thoughts for the wonderful work you all do. Kind Regards Terence
I have been meaning to get in touch for a while, just want to say thank you again for everything you have done for A and us as a family. This time last year things were better but still very uncertain. Anyway, the trajectory has continued to be slowly but surely in an upward direction. I know A has been in touch so you will know for yourselves. Thank you again all of you at Haynes. A.G 2015
On arrival at the Haynes Clinic, my life was in total meltdown and I felt it was my last shot at life, I had really had enough of everything and my drinking had completely taken complete control of my life.I was scared but welcomed with such kindness at Haynes, I felt the detox programme was good and settled me down, when I first walked into the group I was not judged, just made to feel welcome and I soon made a lot of friends (some will be lifelong). The counsellors were amazing and have helped me understand my illness in a much better light. I know that my battle with alcoholism will be lifelong but Haynes have given me the strength to guide me in the right direction. On my first day home I have already arranged going to my first AA meeting with great pride. Haynes has completely taken me out of my denial, it is great to know they have an aftercare programme too which I look forward to attending. I am going to take things one day at a time, sticking to the 12 step programme and who knows, one day I might be able to help someone else.So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all at the Haynes for giving me hope.God bless you all, Maria x 2016
I came to The Haynes Clinic following a relapse. I spent 13 years in NA but never really fully worked the programme. I did 7 months of treatment in 2009/2010 elsewhere but was unable to work on my sex addiction. At Haynes, my whole illness was worked with. This is the factor that has saved my life. The staff are amazing, their approach and their level of expertise has taken me from being a broken man, suicidal and psychotic following a relapse on cocaine, and other legal high cocaine substitutes and having completely destroyed my marriage through my drug and sex addiction to a man who has hope again. I do not blame NA in any way, I simply was not open minded enough, I was not teachable (although I believed I was, I believed I knew everything) so I missed lifesaving parts of the lifesaving message.At Haynes I have been educated in the original AA programme and feel equipped now to return to any fellowship having met the 12 steps fully for the first time, I feel I have been humbled. I know my problem now and finally I know my solution. I have lots of work to do moving forward but Haynes has given me a safe place to look at myself and lay a foundation to begin my new recovery. I couldn’t be more grateful.Wayne 2016
I cannot properly express my gratitude to The Haynes Clinic and all the staff for the support and help they have given me. The counsellors have many, many years of experience around addiction and are recovering addicts themselves so they know how to get to the core of your issues and addiction quickly and very effectively. It is tough love at the clinic but it works. Everyone at the clinic is passionate about saving lives and giving their clients a solid foundation for recovery.The accommodation is superb and you are responsible for cleaning your house and cooking meals, all of which contributes to your recovery and prepares you for your return to the outside world.There is continued support after you leave the safe environment of the clinic by way of an aftercare programme which you can attend every Friday for 12 months.I cannot recommend The Haynes Clinic strongly enough.Richard (July 2016)
I want to say a massive thank you to all the counsellors and staff at The Haynes Clinic. You have shown me love, care, support and understanding during my stay at the clinic. I was full of fear when I first arrived but was soon reassured that everything would be ok. I found it very intense and emotional at times but I now realise this was a vital part towards my recovery. Bill, Mo, Nadia, Tracy and Gordon you have all been amazing and helped me get my life back on track. I can now live my life one day at a time, not always projecting into the future and being able to live my life on life’s term’s.You got me off of my prescription medication which I had been trying for years. This was a battle for you at first Bill but I soon realised that it was for the best, as it was addictive. You introduced me to the 12 step programme and into AA/NA. This has given me the confidence to continue these now I’m out of clinic and get myself a sponsor.I am eternally grateful to you for giving me the tools to help me on my journey to recovery.Looking forward to seeing you all in aftercare JHelen (2016)
Dear Gordon, Sue, Tracy, Bill, Nadia, Kim, Lloyd, Mo, Lizzie, Ricky, Vincent, Brian, Manny and Phil.I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my illness over the last 28 days and for what you have taught me and giving me the tools to move forward with a new spiritual and sober life with all my family…You are a great team and inspiration, please keep up the good work as I think what you do is amazing and saves people’s lives.Look forward to seeing you all again soon in aftercare…Love and best wishes, K x (2016)
To the Haynes Team, Thank you so much for your help, guidance and continued support in the last two weeks. It has been in-valuable to me, not just to me but to my family also. You have given me strength and knowledge to know I have a chance again at a normal happy life. I have the capacity to make others around me happy also. I will never forget this experience and remind myself daily along with the other crutches and tools I now must help hold me ‘up’! Apart from being blessed with my son, this is the 2nd best decision I have made in my life. Best wishes and always thinking of you, R x (2016)
To all the staff, just wanted to say a big thank you. I got the head start I could not do without. I really am grateful. Thank you and take care, D.C. (2016)
Dear Loft Crew,Thank you so much for all your time, care and help. I still stand by that I trust no one except my children and you guys (fully that is) hopefully I will trust my sponsor. You do a fantastic job behind scenes and centre stage. I feel very principled to be able to have come here and to have found you.Love, H (2016)
Hi Sue and Gordon, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you are doing for our son. He is a pleasure to spend time with when we see him, and he seems so happy. J & M
Dear, to all you lovely people, Thank you for all your support and kindness. I am so glad I came to The Haynes Clinic. Love from J xx
Hi Sue, hope you are well 4 years this year thanks to Gordon and the rest. 5th Granddaughter due tomorrow and if I had kept on with the drinking probably would not have been here to see her. Give him my regards and thank him for what he did please. Regards Ian, 2011
To all of you at Haynes! When I arrived, I was full of fear, despair, self-pity and resentments. 28 days later I was full of hope and gratitude for what I have and what a sober future has in store for me and my lovely family. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t come close. The best way to thank you is to continue my recovery – so that’s what I will do. Andy, January 2016
To Mo, Bill, Edwina, Tracy and Sue. Two years and counting! Very many thanks and much gratitude for helping me onto my new life. I know that I could never have done it on my own Thanks again, Chris, January 2016
If you are in trouble with alcohol or suspect your loved ones are in trouble, The Haynes Clinic is the place to call. I was drinking from my early teens to late into my 50’s and just could not stop. The Haynes Clinic is the place to go if you are serious about giving up alcohol and you want it more than anything else. Paul, January 2016
To all the staff and residents at the clinic. I would like to thank you for your kindness and support while I was with you. It was only a week, but it has had an impact on me. I have joined …. and attend twice a week. It is now 5 weeks and I managed to get through Xmas and new year without a drink. Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction. Forever grateful, From Linda, January 2015
To all at the Haynes Clinic. A huge thank you for all your care and support during my time in treatment. I’ve never been one for DIY but I’m going to have to learn using my new tool kit. Thanks again and an early Merry Christmas to all! Warmest wishes. Neil, November 2015
I’d like to thank all the staff for their support. A huge thank you to Esther for looking after me and putting things in such a way I had my eyes opened and started listening and hearing for the first time. not sure how she does it but as I’ve told her ‘she’s good’. Thank you also Sue, Gordon, Bill and all the team for putting up with me and working with me behind the groups and for all the hard work they do. As I head into the real world, I have faith that if I put into action all I have learned and do the next right thing things can only and will be better. With love and gratitude, Tanya, October 2015
Thank you so much for saving my life. I will always be grateful. I am attending AA 5 – 6 times weekly, looking for a sponsor next week. I have never felt so alive and love praying to my higher power.Love Julie, October 2015
I would recommend the Haynes Clinic to anyone i thought would benefit. Michelle, April 2015
Haynes has helped me to see my failures and accept them. It has showed there is a way to recovery if you are willing to accept the way. From Carl, April 2015
Dear Sue A year ago I arrived in need of help. I received the best possible from the nicest team. I highly recommend Haynes and the brilliant support. Please thank Gordon, Bill and Mo too. From Jeanie, February 2015
Hi Sue Hope, this finds you well, been going strong one day at a time, lots going on at work, keeping to meetings started service at GSR, giving back to AA.…. Anyway, thought I would share some good news, baby no 2 on the way, blessed to be sober and to share this wonderful experience with the team there as I always remember how much they have done for me and set me on this journey. Please do give my regards to Gordon and all. Big hugs, From Nee, December 2014
I found the Haynes Clinic on the internet and it was the best search I ever made. They have given me the answers to many questions I had about my illness. Best of all they have given me the opportunity to rebuild my life. Thank you one and all. God bless you and the work you do. Michael, November 2014
What a great experience! I’ve learned a lot about my addiction and about myself. The staff are knowledgeable, professional and caring, and have helped give me the tools for my recovery. I feel I have a solid foundation to start my journey in sobriety and the ongoing support is beneficial. Mark, September 2014
Dear Sue,I am sorry to have missed the recent reunion event… I am doing OK here in Burnley one day at a time.I am feeling a lot of gratitude today to yourself, the counsellors and to all the team at the Haynes.Please pass on my thanks and good wishes – MAY THE FORCE BEYOND POWER BE WITH YOU IN ALL YOU DOI hope to see you on a Friday before long.With loveBill. (8 months sober, August 2014)
Hi Sue,I won’t be able to make aftercare this Friday……However, I would like to let you know, I am in fine fettle and please thank all of your colleagues again for me, as they have given me my life back, I cannot believe how different I feel it’s amazing.I am happy, positive, doing all the little jobs around the house and garden that I never did before, enjoying my life and retirement, it may not seem much to say this stuff as it seems normal to most but it’s a new start for me after about three years of misery and depression and of course the expense of booze.The Kids say thanks to you and your team as well and just to let you know they now call me “New Dad” and that’s down to you guys.Meanwhile, my very best regards to you all at the Clinic.Mike, August 2014.
The Haynes Clinic is an amazing place. All the staff are very knowledgeable and understand what being an addict is like totally. I cannot praise enough the help and support I have been given during my stay and have made some lifelong friends for which I will be forever grateful. Colleen, June 2014
Greetings Hope this finds you well, sometimes quickly sometimes slowly – 3rd of May I picked up my 3-year sobriety chip, this time 3 years ago I was in total denial going through the motions at the Haynes clinic. I still attend weekly meetings and help others, but I know for a fact I will never forget the time I spent at Haynes because it was a life changer. I want to express lots of gratitude to the staff. I want you all to know that you were very instrumental in helping me build the foundation to live sober and that all the wonderful things I have been able to accomplish over the past few years have been a direct result of AA, Sobriety and Haynes Clinic! Thank you all so much. From N May 2014
Coming to Haynes has been the best thing I have ever done. Holidays cannot compare to the experience and journey I have had and started at the clinic. I have been given my life back with a second chance and a fresh start. My family have grown proud of me and I am regaining relationships that I had been breaking and broke through my using. I am a complete addict and always will be, however I have the choice to either be a recovering addict happy with life and the support and help to live and to continue living or I can choose to be an addict in active addiction, alienating myself, being dishonest not just to those around me, but also to myself and living a life of self-pity that is going nowhere except death, loneliness and down the gutter. Without Haynes I could not have been able to make the right decision for myself and chosen to be a recovering addict and put in the action. I must do so to stay clean and work my programme and not just go through the steps but live my programme working it in my everyday life. Leaving Haynes, I know is just the beginning of my journey and if my stay is just the start, I can’t wait for this next phase. Words cannot express what Haynes has done for me, how great I feel, how ready to take obstacles life will throw at me, how much more confidence I have, I could go on forever. The love, care, help and support not just offered during my stay but afterwards too is tremendous and heart-warming. The peers’ acceptance of you no matter what and the relations you can see and hear between one another lets you know you are not alone. The staff are amazing, always helping, the counsellors at the clinic do as much and more as they possibly can to get you well. The staff at the houses are extremely helpful and always there for you whenever and whatever you need. The staff in the office again are always there and willing to help, you just must ask. All you must do is be honest and put the work in and you will go far. From Emily, January 2014
I didn’t believe I could ever be free from methadone and heroin but with the help of the Haynes Clinic staff and counsellors I’ve been clean from heroin for 6 weeks and from methadone for 2 weeks. There’s no way I could have done this outside on my own…. The Haynes Clinic gives you the tools you need to get clean and stay that way and even be happy about it! I’ve made some wonderful new friends who will be a part of my future and recovery. Thanks to everyone at Haynes Clinic I’ve got a chance to live my life better than I ever have before. Kerry, January 2014
My experience at the Haynes Clinic has been beyond imagination as to what I was before I came into the clinic and how I am now. I am extremely grateful for the counsellors and staff who welcomed me and helped me throughout my treatment. They have given me a toolkit which will help my recovery. The thing that wows me the most is that although very friendly I have been challenged to be brutally honest about my illness to help me. I am now starting my journey in recovery and am very positive, happy and extremely grateful to the Haynes Clinic because without them I would not have done this. Whatever I give back to the clinic will never be enough for what they’ve given me. I can never pay back anyone giving me my life back, a fresh start. They’ve given me back my family and they’ve taught me how to be happy. My love for the Haynes Clinic is unexplainable. From A, January 2014.
To all the staff at the Haynes Clinic. I just wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU all for all your help and support. Words cannot describe how happy I am to finally have back the man I married and to have my family complete like before. I know that both me and L went through a tough time due to his addiction / illness. Had it not been for this clinic I do not know where else I could have turned to for help. It’ s extremely difficult watching the person you love destroying themselves and everything else around them, when he made promises to always keep us safe, happy and secure. It is so easy to fall into this trap called addiction but to rise above it takes immense strength and determination. L was never under the illusion this would be easy; he knew he had to give it 100%. He had his bad days, but they slowly began to be weighed out by good ones and slowly but surely the old L began to emerge. He has once again started to have a keen interest in the business as well as rebuilding his relationship with his family. He enjoys going to the gym 3 – 4 days a week and playing … and attends NA and AA meetings regularly. we have been spending a lot more quality family time together again. From P December 2013
I cannot recommend the Haynes Clinic highly enough. Not only did it save my life, but it has also given me a greater understanding of my illness of alcohol addiction, greater self-awareness and a new more positive outlook on life. The staff and counsellors are all recovering addicts so they can really relate to you and help you as they have been there themselves. This gives them the great ability to empathise. The accommodation is superb and contributes to your recovery. You are introduced to AA meetings which prepares you when you leave and makes going to your local meetings easier. The aftercare programme and private Facebook pages are wonderful support tools after you have left the safe environment of the clinic. Quite simply, it has been worth every penny and has saved my life. All you must do is go, be totally honest about your addiction, listen and have an open mind. You too will then find recovery and a better life than you ever thought possible. Richard, October 2013
Sue, Bill, Edwina, Gordon, Mo, Vinny and all of you at Haynes!!!I don’t think there is a card big enough to say how grateful I am to you all. 6 weeks ago, I left in your care my drunken, selfish, abusive, bone idol partner. You have returned to me the person I fell in love with 26 years ago!!!To you it’s all a job; to me it was our lives. The work you do is fab, and you are all heroes to me. The bottle had taken my Sharon’s life and was slowly taking mine. I was permanently scared to go out, to go to work, shopping, basically I was a prisoner, slowly giving in to being stuck to Sharon for fear of her drinking!!! And of course, the self-harming which will haunt me for ever. I know this is not a miracle cure and we both have work to do to keep our lives this good, but we will get there. We are now in control and Mr Vodka can f*** right off. So, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for giving me back my wife and my life!!!With love, Sandy, September 2013.
Dear Sue and Gordon, I write to thank you both and all the staff at the Haynes Clinic for effectively saving my life – physical and mental. Through your kindness, patience, treatment and guidance, each day is something to welcome. I miss my peer group very much, but we have remained in touch and Friday aftercare is something to look forward to. Attending new AA meetings locally has become a daily adventure and the reception warm at each one. The clinic is a ‘home’ for me and the surroundings ideal for calm reflection and comfort. I have and will recommend the Haynes Clinic to anyone in a situation that would benefit from a stay with you. Words cannot express my thanks to you all. With love and from the bottom of my heart, thanks again for putting me on the right track. Izzie, August 2013
I have completed my 28-day treatment. All thanks to the support and guidance from the Haynes Clinic. I honestly couldn’t have done it without them. They made me feel comfortable, welcomed me and were very understanding throughout my treatment. The counsellors in my eyes are amazing and have so much experience, knowledge and wisdom that you have no excuse not to walk out at Haynes on the right path and as a new person. I couldn’t thank them enough and will continue to go to after care every week. From M July 2013
When I arrived at Haynes Clinic, emotionally and physically I was at an all-time low. Now, almost a month later, I am feeling much more confident and ready to carry on my journey in the outside world. A lot of grief came to the surface, stuff I had been carrying round for years and it is so good to talk about it with counsellors and peers and not feel judged. I have never cried or laughed so much in one month. I feel more confident and calmer and am looking forward to a happy and healthy life with my family. Nicola. July 2013
Thank you all so much for having me and giving me the tools and knowledge on how to have a happy life free from addiction. I’ll always remember these past weeks. Thank you so much. Brian, July 2011
The clinic and staff seem to have only one purpose – to help you get well. To anyone who has addiction issues or knows someone who does, this is the first place you should go to. From Martyn, May 2013
I cannot praise the clinic or their approach enough. The fact that you follow the AA 12 Step Programme and attend regular AA meetings launches you into the fellowship in a safe and secure environment. The counsellors do not miss a trick but if you are open minded and honest, they will offer you nothing but support. It is hard work in the clinic but the fact that peers live together in gorgeous well-equipped houses makes your ‘free’ time relaxing and nurturing. Your every need is catered for and anything you wish to ask is regarded as valid. I would recommend the clinic to anyone with a drug or alcohol problem. I came in broken and desperately unhappy and I am leaving with a much better understanding of myself and the prospect of a happy, sober, fulfilled life. Thank you. Helen, May 2013
To the team. I will forever be in your debt and will thank you and sing your praises always for giving my family ‘ME’ back and for giving me the tools to retrieve my peace of mind, to help me realise I am in control if I choose to make the right choices. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I truly love you all. Special love always, P
What can I say but thank you for helping me on my journey of recovery. I will never forget you all. Michelle, May 2013
Dear Gordon, Sue, Billy, Gabby, Gary, Bill, Ausra, Tracy and the rest of the gang! I recently passed my 18-month sobriety mark – hard to believe so much time has passed and thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how I am getting on. I now live in a beautiful house with my new cat! My …. practice is thriving and I love being my own boss. I was shortlisted for a business award in the Best New Business category back in February, so I guess you could say things are going well! ….. I keep up with a few of the old buddies…. Most of us from that group seem to be doing well which is testament to you all and the treatment you provide. Life still has its ups and downs (of course) but I feel positively transformed having managed to get off the sauce. 2012 was an amazing year and I am so thankful for the springboard into sobriety that I found at Haynes. Best wishes to you all and hope to see you again some time. Regards, From Sally April 2013
Hi Sue I hope this finds you well, happy and rested after the weekend, it’s been a while but trust me I still think of the centre staff and friends that I have made, I must say it has been good one day at a time. I heard a fantastic chair last night and was reminded a lot of my days in the treatment centre. Thank you for giving me my life back. A lot has changed in my life since I arrived at Haynes. I am coming up 2 years and am very grateful, my son will be born in the next 2 weeks so that has come up quick a bit anxious, nervous etc. true alcoholic. At first it seems that I have quite a bit on my plate, but that is what has kept me sober. The more I bite off, the more driven I become. Love and gratitude to you all, I will be forever grateful! I won’t forget what this place did for me Words are not enough. Kind Regards Neelesh April 2013
Dear Sue, Bill, Mo, Edwina, Gordon, Tracy and all at the Haynes, just a note to say ‘thank you’ from the bottom of my heart. It was tough and I know we had our ups and downs but as they say, ‘no pain, no gain’! I am well! Sober since I came to you and never been tempted. The thought of it repulses me so I don’t know what you did or how you did it, but it’s worked. Waking up in the morning with a clear head is a gift. Not having to try and figure out what I said or apologise is a blessing for which I am truly grateful. Thanks again. Keep up the hard work. Love James. April 2013
Dear Gordon, In the 4 weeks I have stayed at Haynes I have come to respect all the staff and their commitment to the ‘inmates’! There is no doubt I have learned a lot about myself and the illness that alcohol causes to both mind and body – and to others, including family members. I realise clearly that this is the beginning of a lifelong determination to avoid any mind-altering substance and offer my thanks to you all at Haynes – especially because the environment is safe, and the house is delightful! Lots of thanks. From David March 2013
We could never thank you enough for your honesty, time, guidance and support. Keep up the hard work thanks again. A big thank you to all you wonderful people who helped bring out brother/son back.
A big thank you to all your wonderful people who helped bring our brother/son back. We could never thank you enough for your honesty, time, guidance and support. Keep up the hard work thanks again.