What To Expect

At our addiction rehabilitation centre we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible while getting you well. 

Treatment at The Haynes Clinic includes:

  • Collection may be possible depending on availability at the time of admission and subject to an additional charge.  
  • Upon arrival a psychiatric evaluation by our very own consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Magda Czerwinska who specialises in addiction. This is where you will discuss what medications you are on and what detox will be provided if required. If a detox is prescribed this will usually take about 7 – 10 days although in certain circumstances it may be over a shorter or longer period.  
  • A 24-hour a day supervised comfortable safe detox by experienced and trained staff (All Dr’s fees and detox medications are included in our fees).
  • All meals are provided and included in our fees – Each house makes a shopping list on what meals you would like for the week ahead depending on your dietary requirements.   
  • We have membership of an exclusive private health club which you can go to about twice a week. This includes a state-of-the-art Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and Sauna.
  • One on One counselling sessions with a designated counsellor, who would be assigned to your needs which are discussed in the assessment.
  • Group counselling sessions, where you can discuss and learn from other peers in the same situation as yourself. 
  • 12 Step Treatment. Identifying why you drink or use, why you behave in the way you do, and learn a programme to help you stay well in the future. 
  • It is compulsory while you’re with us to attend support groups with your peers. Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gambling Anonymous, Co-dependents Anonymous etc – These support groups help you in your recovery. 
  • A family conference will be offered if this is helpful for you and your family. This will be supervised with a trained counsellor to discuss any outstanding issues before completing a 28-day treatment programme. 
  • A guide for the family will be sent to your family or loved ones, informing them of the illness and the best way to support you in your recovery.    
  • 12 Months free aftercare when you have completed a 28-day programme. This is where you can attend the clinic every Friday and receive support from counsellors on your recovery progress now you have left residential treatment. 
  • Visits are allowed after your first week with us on a Saturday between 1 and 3pm. Your visitors should only be family or close friends and during this time you are not allowed to go home if you live close by. You should not enter any pubs whilst on your visit. When you return you may be breathalysed and or drug tested. Any drinking or using during your stay with us will lead to immediate discharge.
  • You may bring your mobile phone, tablet or laptop with you but during your first week you will not have access to it.  From the second week on wards you will have your access to these items from 6pm – 10pm weekdays and 9.00am – 10pm at weekends.
  • On arrival at the clinic your bags will be checked to ensure there is nothing in them that could affect your recovery while with us (this includes alcohol and drugs).  We will also take any prescription medication and credit cards / cash which will be put into safe keeping.
  • You have access to your cash as and when required while at the clinic – including when you are taken out shopping on a Saturday (you are taken supervised to a local town shopping once a week) and on a daily basis if you need to buy any personal items (including cigarettes).
  • Smoking is permitted in designated outside areas at the clinic and at the houses.
  • You are expected to keep your room and the house/clinic environment clean and tidy. This is done by therapeutic duties where a specific cleaning duty will be given to you once a week. This is about taking responsibility in our lives and cleaning up after ourselves.  
  • A graduation ceremony once you have completed a 28-day programme. Families and close friends can attend if you and they wish.

Weekly Timetable

  • Process group – your group to discuss anything that matters to you, in confidence, with your peers and the counsellor(s)
  • Step work – if a client has completed an assignment, this may be presented to the group for feedback
  • Community Group – This is a group once a week to discuss issues around living with your fellow peers and assigned therapeutic duties around the house and clinic.
  • Goals group – This is a group where you agree a weekly personal target with the counsellors and your peers. This could be anything from looking at your character defects to sharing in meetings.