How To Choose a Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centre for Yourself

So have you finally come to the decision to go to a alcohol rehab centre?

This is a big decision and everyone who goes to an alcohol addiction rehab is always nervous about what to expect. Here are some tips on things to consider:

Do you know anyone who has been to a alcohol rehab centre?

The best recommendation is going to be if someone who knows you who has experienced a rehab thinks that that is the right place for you. However, not many people are going to know someone in this position

If you do an internet search, you are likely to find the clinics that are local to you and possibly some others that will be on page 1 because they have good marketing activity. It is easy to visit the clinic(s) local to you. That way you can meet the staff, look around the environment and possibly even meet some of the current clientele. You should be able to get a good ‘feel’ for a clinic in a visit and get some indication as to whether it is right for you 

If you are drawn to a clinic further away due to what you read online or what you hear over the telephone, it is still worth a visit if at all possible. At the very least have a chat with the person responsible for their admissions. Again you should get a feel from them about whether or not this is the right alcohol rehab clinic for you. If they seem too keen to secure a deposit and sell you their services then don’t be pressurised. The good clinics rely on attraction rather than promotion and have a reputation for getting people well

Consider what you are ideally looking for in an alcohol rehab centre.

It is best not to look for a place to relax or for a spa type environment. If that would get you well, you might as well go on a luxury holiday – it will be cheaper. Are you really wanting to change? Are you prepared to work hard? Look at the reviews for a clinic (google and on their website). Some will sound more honest than others. Make a judgement

No clinic is likely to get 100% perfect reviews.

Be a little suspicious if they do! Alcoholics and addicts can get angry and resentful, especially if they relapse (and inevitably no clinic is going to have a 100% record of people getting and staying well). So you might see a few reviews posted by people who seem vindictive and nasty. Recognise these for what they are. Look at what the other reviews say – including good and less good comments. Those are likely to be from real people who have got well

Would you like to be in the countryside or a town centre for your treatment?

Would you like to be in an institutional setting in one location or in more of a home from home environment?

Does a room with a small amount of gym equipment on site suffice? Would you like access to a professional health club and gymnasium / swimming pool orIs this not a consideration at all?

Ask about the aftercare and think about if this is going to serve your needs.

The Haynes Clinic is an alcohol rehab clinic based in the countryside in Bedfordshire. Call 01462 851414 to find out more, or send in a contact form or join our live chat.

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How To Choose a Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centre for Yourself