What you can learn in rehab

What you can learn in rehab

The following comments on what you can learn in an addiction rehab centre are taken from the written feedback sent by people who had recently completed their stay with us.

What you can learn in rehab – personal experiences

They mentioned positive aspects as follows: ‘Seeing the counsellors turn my thinking round from negative to positive and giving me tools to make me a better person’

‘I have found the whole experience extremely useful – I have learned so much about myself and my illness. I have also learned many techniques and tools to cope with my recovery going forward. The thorough work of the steps has really improved my understanding. (A positive aspect was) discipline in the house – although I find it difficult it is good for me. It’s very intense but well worth the money!’

‘Learning that rehab is not just about detoxing, it is intensive therapy that helps you see the truth of your dishonesty. It is tough love but if you engaged in the programme entirely, it is the best help you could search for’.

‘Understanding my illness, how to change my thought pattern, understand upsets, team work, sharing’.

‘Realising my underlying problems from childhood, how to deal with and understand the mutual obsession. What I need to do to live my life to the full with tools of life. I’ve never been anywhere like this before, definitely a fantastic place to give you the kick up the butt you need. I do believe you’ve saved my life.’

Self-honesty, support and help of staff

‘knowledge from staff / counsellors / other residents. Starting the AA 12 Steps and learning about it.  Meeting / listening to a complete mixture of people’

‘The staff and accommodation have been very good. It has been a tough but rewarding experience’.

‘I have received excellent treatment at Haynes. They have given me clear advice on how to change my life for the better. I recommend them to all addicts / alcoholics’

‘The harsh reality of the truth and self-honesty. Haynes has made me realise the only way to understand why I drink is to understand the problem – which has helped me know who I am as a person. Haynes has changed my life. It’s helped me understand who I really am as a person. This has given me hope for my life long recovery’

‘The support and constructive advice and feedback from the staff have helped me so much. Also the support from my peers. The step work has helped me hugely. The Haynes Clinic is in my opinion the best treatment centre available. The staff’s own experiences and advice regarding addiction and recovery has changed my outlook on everything. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart’

‘The constant and real faith, love and support bestowed upon me by the staff. This has been the most valuable 6 weeks of my life and I leave hopeful and free of very long term resentments, loaded with skills and knowledge to get well’.

Be prepared to put in a lot of work

So there is a lot to gain from going to a private drug rehab centre or alcohol rehab centre. However, you have to be prepared for hard work, to be challenged, to sometimes feel uncomfortable with what you are learning about yourself and to be prepared to put in the effort when you leave to maintain your new found freedom. Rehab is not an easy experience but it can be life changing and life saving. The Haynes Clinic is not an easy experience but many people (though not all!) find it an enjoyable one.

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