Dry Drunk in Addiction Recovery

Dry drunk is a term used to describe those who are no longer abusing substances. They are still exhibiting behavior which is associated with their using. Anti-social behavior such as a bad temper, depression, dishonesty and selfishness. Essentially nothing has actually changed other than the fact that they no longer use. This is because they are not on a addiction recovery programme. This allows them to continue with the same negative attitude and mind-set that they exerted whilst they were using and they are essentially hanging on to their lives.

A dry drunk is epitomized by the negativity of their state. Where as those in a programme focus upon how they can now focus their lives upon something else. Find something far more fulfilling than a life of addiction. Whereas without the programme their life is focused upon the negative thought of I must not drink. Although the differences between the processes may seem comparably small. In reality it is incredibly important to the outlook of the recovering addicts life as it can either be based wholly upon a positive thought or a negative.

Will Not be able to Stay Sober

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Thus it can be seen that anyone who is obsessed with not drinking and does not find something else to preoccupy them are more likely to drink again. They spend more time thinking about their addiction and their drug of choice. Even though the addict is no longer using it is still controlling their whole life as their will to not drink is their only focus. The addict will conclude that if this is what sobriety is. A life of negative thought a half-life where one cannot truly live but just hang on to an existence. The addict therefore will not be able to stay sober for long because they would just prefer their existence whilst using.

When an addict attempts to abstain from alcohol or drugs without the help of a programme. They often they feel different from other addicts. They find that their situation is different from others and that they are not the same. It is somewhat of a natural human reaction to try to separate themselves from others with a problem. Addicts try to create some sense of superiority over others.

Program Needs to Work

In order for a recovery programme to work the addict must ignore the differences between themselves and the others in treatment who they will learn to depend on. The companionship which is built during rehabilitation is essential if one wishes to stay sober. It is important to have someone who has been in a similar position to you. Also there is great pleasure and solidarity in helping someone else who might not have the same time sober to get through a tough period of their life.

Addicts must realise that the people who are in treatment are just in the same position as they are. They’re scared confused and worried about their addiction, and they are no different from themselves. One of the most important principles of treatment is that it is a lace without judgement, and people can go without feeling an outsider.

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Dry Drunk in Addiction Recovery