Alcohol Rehab – Do I Need To Go?

Hesitant about going to an alcohol rehab?

Not many people go to alcohol rehab happily and willingly. In fact, most people will try and do anything to avoid going. Most are aware that it is not likely to be star studded and glamorous – in fact it is more likely to be hard work. However, the biggest reason for people to not want to go to alcohol rehab is if they think they do not have a problem – or if they do not want to give up drinking (or do want to give up but are afraid to for whatever reason).

Do you need to go to an alcohol rehab?

If you are drinking regularly more than you should be AND you have tried to cut down or stop unsuccessfully in the past, then you may need to. Or maybe you can stop – but cannot stay stopped and after a period of time be it weeks or months, you start drinking again.

Drinking problems

Is your drinking causing you at least as many disadvantages as advantages? If you are entirely happy with the amount you drink and it has no negative impact on your life or on the life and feelings of the people you love, and no physical health consequences, then maybe you do not need to go. However, most big drinkers at some time realise that alcohol is beginning to dominate their life in a not good way.  Where at one point it helped them to feel happy and relaxed and eased tension and anxiety, it has started to cause problems.

It may affect their appetite and sleep patterns, people might have started to comment on their drinking too much etc etc. In serious cases, the individual will start to lie about the amount they drink and hide alcohol in their home. Does any of this apply to you?

Some people may be concerned that they have some sort of a problem but do anything they can to avoid rehab. They will try to defend themselves by saying that they will do something else to reduce or stop their drinking. Have you suggested or done any one of the following to fob people off?  

Visit your GP

Gone to your GP, not telling the GP the entire truth about your drinking and the amounts, but possibly claimed that you were anxious, stressed, feeling low? The chances are that if you have done this your GP will have put you on anti depressants rather than offered you help for your drinking.

If you have been honest with your GP – or via some other route – you may have been referred to local counselling services. These are usually provided by the local authority and provide an hour of counselling a week. This might have been very helpful but you might have found that you cannot stop drinking in between those sessions and in the end it has not reduced or stopped your drinking (if you have a more serious problem).


Another way to show that you are serious about dealing with your alcohol problem is by attending AA. You may attend this and take it really seriously and genuinely want to do something about your drinking – or you may attend to get your family off your back. 

If you have tried any or all of these and are still drinking you may well need to go to alcohol rehab. Call The Haynes Clinic for advice, a free assessment or more information on 01462 851414.

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