Alcoholism Can Affect Anyone

In the news at the moment is the ongoing story of Newcastle-born Paul Gascoigne. Who is regarded as one of England’s most gifted players ever, and who has battled alcoholism and drug use since retiring in 2004. In a glittering career he won 57 caps and made 391 club appearances for teams that included Newcastle, Tottenham, Everton, Middlesbrough, Glasgow Rangers and Lazio.

For all that, he is a deeply disturbed and unhappy man, as is evident from his very public descent into alcoholism. His friends and old team mates desperately want to save him. But there is only one person who can do that – himself. Like many of us alcoholics. Paul’s life could have been utterly brilliant but has been doomed by a terrible character flaw which for him comes in the shape of a can of a Stella. The booze is probably just a symptom of his deep unhappiness. His troubled childhood, the friends who have betrayed him and the chances he has blown.

Alcoholism – Last Chance Rehab

His friends have got together to give him another ‘last chance’ in rehab, this time in the US. This probably is his last chance. Make no mistake about it, this illness is a killer as we all saw in the death of George Best, Amy Winehouse. From a different substance but still due to addiction – of Whitney Houston, to name but a few of the more famous taken from us by this illness. I could add several more names of less well known people who have died from alcoholism or drug addiction. All of them loved by their families who watched helplessly their descent into a literal hell.

How Much More Can His Body Withstand?

How much more can Gazza’s body withstand? He has to fight the fight of his life and only he can do this. Whether he truly wants to or has the energy for it is what he will no doubt be forced to confront in rehab.

Gazza was in recovery for over a year before being tempted to experiment again with drinking. Anyone who knows anything about alcoholism knows that just one drink will eventually lead to serious relapse as was the case for Paul. His final descent came quickly when pictures of him leaning on strangers while out shopping emerged on Monday 4 February. Then news came out that his friends had clubbed together to send him to rehab in America.

Critically Ill

The scale of his problem was reportedly revealed last night when Gazza was said to have slipped his minder at a US airport for one last beer. A minder managed to take the pint off him and escorted him to the clinic. However, he was critically ill in intensive care just days after his arrival. When he collapsed at the US rehab clinic. Sources close to the England legend say the clinic’s rigorous detox programme had proved too much for him.

He was receiving round-the-clock care from medics. Amid growing concerns that years of alcohol abuse have done serious damage to his vital organs. He may also have experienced hallucinations, tremors, insomnia, anxiety and paranoia – all common detox symptoms. At the Haynes Clinic you will be medicated to prevent these side effects in a supervised detox. Do not be put off – do something now if your drinking or using, like Gazza’s, is destroying your life.
We wish him well.

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Alcoholism Can Affect Anyone