Does drug rehab work?

Does drug rehab work?

Does drug rehab work? It can and does if you want it to. Don’t take our word for it – consider feedback from our clients: “I am doing really well at the moment, I will be in recovery 3 years this Easter and I am literally about to move into my own place with my 2 boys EITHER next week or the week after. Only a little flat but it will be ours and no longer living with my parents. I’ve survived lockdown and home schooling 2 children without going insane but it was a close call! …..Thank you once again for everything you guys did for me, it has never been forgotten.” -Lucy 3 years’ clean

Does drug rehab work? Sharing the experiences

I will never forget coming to The Haynes Clinic. It was definitely ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’ moment as I am now 2 years, 7 months and 15 days clean (but who’s counting?!) ….life is going well. I’m lucky enough to be running my own business doing web design, graphic design and social media marketing….it’s a stark difference to when I was using, as I had a business then, but it rock bottomed as every penny earnt was spent on using and left me in debt to the tax man!

Last month I was also able to move out from living with my dad into a (house)… with my partner which I see as another gift of recovery. Haynes hugely helped me get my life on track and guided me into the fellowship of NA of which I am still an active member…. Overall life is more peaceful and even though there have been emotional bumps… I’ve been able to work through them with help from my friends in NA, sponsor, programme, partner and ongoing meetings with a therapist.” L  – 2 years’ clean

Hi everyone at Haynes! I can’t believe it’s been a few years already! Things are going good for me! Still clean and sober, almost 3 years! I’ve got a job that I’ve been at for over a year now, nothing fancy but I enjoy it and the people I work around so I can’t complain especially with the current situation, I’ve been lucky. Enjoying life, spending time with my horses, started doing some photography as a little hobby out on my walks up the yard. I couldn’t ask for more.” A – 3 years’ clean

I’m doing really well. After leaving treatment with you, I didn’t stay clean…. However, I’ll be 18 months this month. I can’t believe it. I finally did all that was suggested… fully engaged with the 12 Step Programme and my life is going beyond what I could have hoped for. I’m now living in France and working for a humanitarian aid organisation. I just want to thank you all at The Haynes Clinic so much for all the incredible work you do. I often think about my time there. It’s where I was first introduced to the concept of recovery and, even though I didn’t get clean then, it’s where my journey began. You all hold a very special place in my heart. I am truly grateful for everything you did and continue to do.” Tom, 18 months’ clean

Tom’s path indicates that sometimes coming to drug rehab is not a magic bullet. Not everyone ‘get’s it’ and stays clean from the moment they go through drug rehabilitation and treatment. We obviously want everyone to stay clean on leaving but even those who do not still have hope that what they have learned will work in the near future. So if this is your pattern, never give up hope. You can still get clean if you really want to and what you have learned will never be forgotten.

We leave the last work on this subject to Lucy: “Although I have relapsed….it was money well spent. I have now been dry for 3 months….so for me it wasn’t an immediate cure but it gave me the tools to look at life differently. I am now in the garden every day and I love it’

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