help for family

Help for friends & family

  • Are you concerned for a friend or a loved one who is drinking or using too many drugs?
  • Can you not put up with the lies and deceit anymore?
  • Are their behaviours affecting your family life?
  • Are they unpredictable, unreliable and defensive?
  • Are you so worried it is affecting your sleep and your ability to relax and enjoy your own life?
  • Are you worried that the person you love is no longer happy and the person they used to be?

Call us to speak to someone who understands the difficult situation you’re in. Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone who understands, will not judge and can offer support.  We can do more than that, though – we will be able to offer advice and solutions for you and your family member or loved one. Talking is free – we do not charge for advice nor for an assessment of the person you are concerned about.

The Haynes Clinic is a private residential clinic with accommodation for up to 18 patients. We treat the physical and psychological addiction and ensure that our patients return home with all the tools they need to stay well and to live a happy fulfilled life.

We also involve the families, getting their side of the story so we obtain the full picture and offering family counselling sessions so that there can be family healing and support. This increases the chance of long term treatment success.