The Twelve Step Programme at the Haynes Clinic

People have been benefiting from the 12 step program, by helping them to recover from alcohol and drugs, and other forms of compulsions and addictions since 1935, when a group of men worked together in an attempt to gain support from people who shared the same intentions. This method is now incorporated throughout all of the Haynes Clinic’s treatments. To those who are not familiar with how the 12 step treatment can benefit you. It could seem confusing as to why it is so important. Therefore we have included a few of the ways in which the 12 step method can help those suffering from an addiction.

Haynes Clinic

Whilst in the early stages of your treatment at the Haynes Clinic treatment centre. Patients find themselves suffering from symptoms we would normally associate with detox. However, while you are going through this, you will commence upon the 12 step program. Facing one’s addiction is the aim of the first step. This is because, in admitting that the drug which you have chosen to take is more powerful than you, you are able to accept the help which is being offered. Furthermore, the early stages of the 12 step program, help to draw people’s attention away from the discomfort of detox.

12 Steps

Once you have been through your detox, the 12 steps provide you with something to incorporate into your life. People are encouraged to take a look at themselves, and evaluate their own lives from a moral perspective. This often leads people to a state of regret, for the things that they have done. Not only to themselves but more importantly to those that they love. The aim of the treatment is to help those within it to face their regrets before they stand in the way of their path to sobriety.

Conquered Your Regrets

After you have conquered your regrets, and learned to live with the present, follow up therapy is necessary to help you to improve your own future. For both you and your family. To those who view the 12 step program as an outsider (a non-addict) it may seem as though it is merely common sense (though most fail to follow these simple life-enhancing principles). To those who struggle with an addiction, the twelve step programme will completely change the way they think and operate.

Not a ‘Cure’

It is important to recognise that treatment is not a “cure” for addiction. Addiction is a disease which will not be healed in four weeks’ treatment; it is something which the addict must live with for the rest of their life. Thus treatment should be viewed as an opportunity for the addict to gain all the skills which they will need to battle with their addiction for the rest of their lives. It is an ongoing battle for sobriety which must continue well after the initial treatment. The addict will find themselves in a number of situations where they may be prone to relapse. At this point the skills which the addict has learnt in treatment will be the most important tool they have when attempting to stay sober.

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