The Benefits of Long-Term Rehabilitation

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For an individual looking to treat an addiction there are various choices and decisions that need to be made. One of these decisions is choosing between a long-term and short term rehabilitation programme.

Short term rehabilitation

Short term recovery programs normally last from 28 to 30 days. For the majority of people who take this option, the only benefit they gain is a month free from drug use. Short term rehabilitation programs often fit the parameters of health insurance policies. Unfortunately, these policies do not fit the needs of many addicts. If the individual seeking helps is not heavily addicted and their issues with substance abuse have been short lived. Then the break the short term recovery programs offer may give them the opportunity they need to step back and gain perspective on their addiction. However, in most cases short term programs are not long enough time to recover from the assault addictive drugs make on the body and to restore the life skills that enable a person to stay drug-free after release.

Long Term Rehabilitation

Long term rehabilitation programs are available in many different forms. From a twelve step based program with simultaneous diagnosis of secondary mental conditions to a therapeutic community. In these programs and centres, those who have excelled in their recovery impose the discipline and set the program.


Research carried out by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse have deemed rehabilitation programs that last at least 90 days to be the appropriate amount of time for an addict to recover. It is believed that an addict is always an addict, even if they are abstinent; they still have the mentality and tendencies of an addict. Therefore, in order to sustain their recovery in the most effective way an addict should receive continued treatment. An addict can do this through programs such as Alcohol Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, where they attend continued meetings for years after their initial treatment or ideally forever.

Success Rates

The Narcotics Anonymous program (NA) has a success rate of 70%. A 70% success rate is incredibly high for those recovering from drug addiction. It follows a twelve step program offering guidance and support to those looking to abstain from drugs and change their lives forever.  The program is anonymous. This allows for for  privacy and space for each individual to recover and, at times, make mistakes. The program offers an extended support system to the individual made up of all recovering addicts. This makes it easier for each individual to share their story, worries and aspirations.

Either way, small progress is still progress

Nevertheless, any step towards living a clean and sober life must be applauded. Either it being a short term or long term program. However, if you want to make a definitive decision that will have a far greater chance of making a lasting impact on your life a long-term rehabilitation program followed by meetings afterwards is the best route to go down. If you or anyone you know is looking for an addiction recovery program using this information to guide you will be of the greatest benefit.

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