A Life without Substance Abuse.

A life being clean and sober from substance is a long-term lifestyle choice and is a goal and a way of life that anyone, no matter how bad one’s addiction is, can achieve. For those who have never suffered from drug or alcohol dependency. The thought of living clean and sober would appear to be simple. However for an alcoholic or drug addict the reality of a sober life can seem almost impossible. Nevertheless, with the help of treatment centres and the programmes they offer. Anyone can free themselves of addiction and the terrors it causes.


The first step needed to be made in order to live a clean and sober life is to make the decision that living sober without substance abuse is the lifestyle you want to lead. Once this decision is made there has to be a resolution that there will be no returning to the previous alcohol or drug dependent life. Putting your past behind you is vital. The previous way of life was a self-damaging, unhealthy way to live. There is no feature of alcohol or drug abuse that is worth missing or jeopardising a healthy life for.


In order to live a normal and sober life, you have to be sober. Once you’ve made the decision to change, it is important to find a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that will help you obtain and maintain sobriety. Professional treatment, counselling, and therapy help a person begin recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. This is the basis for a life without addiction. Those who just go through the physical detoxification process will likely suffer from relapse.

Not only should your program offer treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, but it should put your personal needs first. Alcohol rehab facilities that provide an alcohol and drug free residential living environment are optimal at preparing people for independent sober living. This is because they don’t just treat the addiction itself. They teach people how to make positive choices as they get through each day. It gives the addict the life skills and inner discipline to live without alcohol or drugs. The recovery in a long-term treatment rehabilitation centre can be helped by meeting people who have had the same experiences as you and have come out the other side better for it and have a great standard of live, living clean and sober.

Recovery Process

Loved ones close to you will provide you with the most caring support. They will need to know and be aware of how greatly alcohol and or drugs have negatively affected your life – and ask that they respect your needs during the recovery process. You need to be open to meeting and interacting with new people and making new friends with those who want to stay sober just as much, or maybe even more, than you do. Avoiding drugs and alcohol can be particularly hard when you want to have fun or just hang out. If you have sober friends you won’t have to worry about alcohol or drugs becoming a part of the situation. Most importantly a strong support system is one of the keys to avoiding relapse, especially in tough times or when temptation strikes.

Skills Necessary to Live a Substance Free Life

Having finished the treatment programme does not mean that you are cured from alcohol or drug addiction. For the rest of your life, you will have to make a conscious and determined effort to stay clean and sober but now you will have the skills necessary to do this.

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