Are alcohol and drug rehabs the same?

Expect a variation

Alcohol and drug rehabs vary throughout the country. Most are privately owned with some being independent and others being part of a larger corporate group.  Some may be similar in that they follow what is known as a Twelve Step Programme. Practices will vary in terms of staffing levels, type of accommodation provided, leisure facilities (if any) and whether they allow for rest, relaxation and recuperation – or if the focus is more on hard work and change. Some will offer therapies such as massage and yoga. Most will have some focus on group counselling and other talking therapies.

Treatment for both the addict and alcoholic

So alcohol and drug rehabs will vary throughout the country. But are alcohol rehabs different from drug rehabs? The answer is that they are one and the same. In the past there has been an alcohol only rehab clinic in this country. However, it did not remain so, presumably as it was not financially viable or as successful as envisaged. Rehab clinics in this country tend to provide treatment for alcoholics and addicts together. Addiction is considered largely the same whether or not it is alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

Not so sterotypical

Some people with alcohol problems may look askance at being in treatment with drug addicts. However, times have changed and many more people these days come into contact with so called ‘party drugs’ and the majority of young people will have tried them at some time, almost as  a ‘right of passage’. Many more mature people too will have come into contact with the drugs scene. As it is true that the vast majority of alcoholics are not sitting on a park bench with their alcohol in a bag by their side, so it is true that the vast majority of drug addicts are not sticking needles into themselves and lying in the gutter. Many people from so called respectable backgrounds become alcoholics and many people from so called respectable backgrounds become drug addicts.

Detox & Medication

If you are ‘fortunate’ enough to go into rehab you will find that alcoholics and addicts will follow the same programme. The main difference is that the detox will usually differ. Medication prescribed will be tailored to exactly what you have been taking. For some drug addictions there is not a detox as the addiction is psychological rather than physical. In these instances you might be prescribed something to counteract anxiety and to help you sleep.

There do tend to be certain characteristics of alcoholics and drug addicts.  As a sweeping generalisation, alcoholics will usually (but not always) be older, starting from their 30s but often in their 40s or 50s or even older. Drug addicts often need help in their 20s and 30s. That said, there are always variations – we have had alcoholics in their teens and drug addicts in their 50s and 60s. The people who are addicted to prescribed medication have even been known to seek help in their 70s and 80s!

We treat a range of addictions

So alcohol rehab and drug rehab are one and the same. In any single drug and alcohol  treatment centre you  will get alcoholics and addicts. All in trouble with addiction, all suffering from being a slave to their addiction – and with families that love them who have also been affected by their addiction.

Seeking help?

The Haynes Clinic is a drug and alcohol treatment centre. At Haynes we help both alcoholics and addicts to achieve long term sobriety. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have a happy and fulfilled life. Contact us on 01462 851414 for advice and information.

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