Alcohol Addiction and Recovery

Alcohol addiction affects us all at some point in our lives and manifests itself through a number of different ways. It affects all walks of life from aristocratic billionaires to the homeless. The addict no matter how hard they try is unable to avoid the misgivings of addiction. Some people can drink and not be affected in every aspect of their life, and some cannot a fact which is depressingly simple for some.

Alcohol Addiction and Recovery

The Misconception of an Alcoholic

There is a common misconception that an alcoholic is someone who has lost it all, their home family and friends to their addiction. However, there are many ‘functioning’ alcoholics who are dependent emotionally upon alcohol. But are able to still maintain their job and family life whilst hiding their reliance upon alcohol. Therefore this misconception of what constitutes an alcoholic leads many sick people to continue with their struggle to control their addiction go on without any assistance.

Admitting There is a Problem

The first step on the road to recovery from alcoholism however is admitting there is a problem. As previously stated the problem with people’s many misconceptions around alcoholism is that in order for someone to have a problem they must be at the very worst stages of addiction where they have lost everything in order for them to admit there is a problem. Many addicts hide behind the common misconception of alcoholism epitomised by the homeless.

Addiction is a Chronic Disease

Alcohol addiction must be viewed as a chronic disease which can never be fully overcome and it is something which the addict must manage for the rest of their lives. No matter how many years sober an addict may have. Not a day will go past without them thinking about their previous addiction and the possibility of relapse. It is very difficult for an addict to achieve long term sobriety without the assistance of treatment. There are a number of tools which the addict needs in order to avoid relapse. These are acquired during the addicts time in treatment and are perfected over long periods of sobriety. Thus the longer one stays sober the easier it may become.

Addicts are people who seek to suppress feelings. Their dependence on substances develop as they use the effects to numb the pain of previous experiences. One of the ways in which addicts can help themselves to abstain is to deal with these problems. This will then motivate them to abuse their drug of choice. If they are able to understand better the psychology of their addiction. They will also be able to understand more effectively how they can avoid situations which may cause them to relapse. It will help the addict to avoid future problems in their life of abstinence.

There is always a solution from Alcohol Addiction

The most important thing to recognise when on the road to recovery is that if the addict relapses, it is not the end of the world. They must continue with their program and must make even stronger attempts to return to sobriety.

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