How do I know what addiction looks like?

Many people ask what are the true signs and symptoms of alcoholism and drug addiction? When does one cross the line from being a social drinker or recreational drug user, to becoming a fully certified addict or alcoholic? Determining this is possible from looking at the after-effects or consequences of the drinking or using.

The assumption that an addict’s life has to be a total mess, such as being homeless and completely hopeless, in order to be defined as an addict is simply not the case. There are many functioning drug addicts and alcoholics who are able to lead normal lives with steady jobs and loving families.

Addiction has no boundaries

Addiction crosses all cultural, social, ethnic and religious boundaries, and whatever other possible classification that you can possibly think of. It ranges from the full-blown junkie living on the street, to the high-powered businessman who uses alcohol or drugs to keep him going. Addiction does and can happen to anyone.

Signs & Symptoms

You could be either wondering about yourself, or someone you care about deeply: the following signs and symptoms may be able to help you in accurately deciding whether there is an issue there and if you need to take action right away.

–Does the person in question experience excessive withdrawal symptoms, for example, the shakes, mood swings, depression, anxiety?

–Has the individual experienced an increase in tolerance levels and need to take/drink more to get the same effect?

–Have they experienced feelings of remorse around drinking or taking drugs and promised to cut down or even stop, but failed more than once?

–Does the individual get themselves into trouble at work or, even with the law as a result of drinking or taking drugs?
–Do they often drink or use alone -and display increasingly anti-social characteristics?

Answering yes to even one of the above questions could indicate a real problem of addiction. If you answered yes to two or more, help should be sought imminently.

Find some help!

It is important that you take any kind of substance abuse seriously. Consequences of addiction can be distressing and potentially fatal. No one should be at all ashamed in admitting to a problem with alcohol or drugs. Awareness and admitting there is a problem is the first step on the road to recovery and help today is readily and easily available.

When seeking help it’s important that you understand the nature of addiction. Thankfully, addiction is now widely medically accepted as a disease; however it must be treated both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Otherwise the only thing that gets treated is the symptom and not the cause. It is the cause which needs to be uprooted otherwise the problems will happen again and again.

A long term inpatient rehabilitation  is the most effective way to beat addiction. We highly recommend attending support groups following rehabilitation. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the above problems please seek help as soon as possible.

If you have an alcohol or drug related problem,  call 01462 851414 for free and confidential advice and help.

How do I know what addiction looks like?