Gambling Addiction – the consequences

Gambling addiction is possibly one of the most difficult addictions to get past. Wherever we go and whatever we do we are constantly reminded of gambling. Whether it be in a movie advertisements, surfing the web or shopping on a high street it is constant.

The temptation is constant and as a result it makes relapse even more common. Media encourage gambling and advertising is everywhere. Thus there are no restraints to the extent of the damage that gambling can do. Only when it is too late that people realise that they have a gambling problem.  All they are able to do is think of the rush and suspense associated with taking the risk and the possibility of winning.

Gambling is a Serious Addiction

Gambling is different from other addictions like drugs and alcohol. Whereas drugs and alcohol are foreign substances which the addict may abuse. Gambling is a process which releases natural hormones in the brain. It is a similar process to the addiction of drugs but they are addicted to the process  rather than the substance. The general attitude toward gambling is its very destructive to the addict. People view gambling as a minor problem, something small compared to substance abuse. This therefore causes many addicts to simply brush past their addiction not recognising it as a serious problem and merely viewing it as a hobby.

Loose Everything of Monetary Value

Gambling often is never recognised as a problem until it has taken almost everything away from the addict. Because of the fact that the drug is essentially money it can cause people to lose everything they have in terms of monetary value. As gambling addicts we are treated as though we don’t  have a real problem and can feel lost and alone without a hope of abstinence.


Whereas a substance addiction has a monetary toll  it is not really comparable to that of a gambling addiction. This is due to the amount that an individual can spend on drugs is related to the amount that it would be physically possible to take. Conversely a gambling addict can literally spend as much on betting as they can physically. Thus the amount of debt that a person can accumulate is impossible to calculate. Furthermore the secrecy which surrounds gambling is somewhat easier to hide. A drug addict has physical symptoms which tell you that they are using a gambling addict does not.


This problem of detection, is not a problem for many due to the fact that gambling addicts when they relapse often go missing for periods of time. Due to the fact that internet gambling has become more accessible people are able to rack up huge debts without being detected by their family. Getting help at a gambling rehab centre is of vital importance before gambling ruins your life.

Gambling Addiction - the consequences