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How do I know if a rehab clinic is good?

Throughout the UK there are many addiction rehab centres, and it is like crossing a mine field trying to find the most appropriate one for your needs.  Any clinic or addiction rehab treatment centre will have been regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission and a report is available to read online on the quality and safety of service that is being provided.  These reports are easily available to read and anyone looking at a particular alcohol rehab centre or drug addiction clinic will be able to see if the inspection has raised any areas for concern in terms of the safety of the service being provided. The Care Quality Commission does not judge the service on the quality of the counselling treatment, only being concerned that it is fit for purpose.  

Often it is the families who call an addiction rehab clinic first, not the person needing the help

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The vast majority of telephone calls that we get at The Haynes Clinic, making an initial enquiry, are from family members.  Suddenly, they have their hopes raised when the one they are concerned about decides that they will consider going somewhere to get help.  The family members are usually the ones who have been trying for a long time to get the individual with the addictive problem to go and get help by accessing residential addiction treatment in an alcohol or drug rehab centre.

As soon as they see that this help might finally be accepted, they make frantic calls to see what help is available. They often telephone around to quite a few addiction clinics, or to a referral agent, finding out costs and information about accommodation and the sort of treatment programme that is being offered. The Haynes Clinic is one of the very few alcohol and drug rehabs that is able to admit someone for residential addiction treatment seven days a week and also able to offer reasonably flexible admission times, subject to bed availability.

How do rehab clinics vary?

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All addiction rehab units are different, some with shared bedroom accommodation some with single occupancy. Some allow mobile phones and laptops, and some do not.  At The Haynes Clinic we have designated male and female accommodation with single bedroom occupancy, and the possibility of en-suite facilities at a slightly increased weekly cost. 

The Haynes Clinic also allows individuals to have their mobile phones after the first week of residential rehab treatment. Generally, these sorts of questions are answered on the rehab clinic’s website but if in doubt always ask.  Also, when making an enquiry try and ensure that you are calling the addiction treatment centre direct and not a business that will be trying to place people into rehab treatment at a variety of clinics for financial purposes only.

How should I decide which addiction clinic to choose?

The two deciding factors that are usually at the top of the list are cost of treatment and closeness of the addiction rehab centre to the home address. Of course, costs are an important factor but also it can be a waste of money if a clinic does not have a fully structured daily therapy programme. The therapy input at an addiction rehab centre is vitally important and addressing the addictive behaviour and thinking of the presenting problem be it alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, eating disorders or sex addiction is paramount.  The recognised addiction residential treatment period is for 28 days in every rehab. However, it may be that someone can only get two weeks away from work or there may be financial constraints, so a two-week residential period, at least to start with, is not uncommon.  Be mindful, though, that some clinics do not offer aftercare if someone attends for less than the recommended 28 day period. (There is some aftercare at The Haynes Clinic even for those attending for the minimum 2 week period). If the individual goes in for less than 28 days, he or she will need to put in considerably more effort in making changes to their various life areas to avoid a relapse.

Will there be a doctor at the alcohol and drug rehab clinic?

When being admitted for residential addiction treatment, the individual will be assessed by the doctor attached to the addiction rehab and will be prescribed detox medication. If needed, they may possibly also be prescribed thiamine and vitamins plus a sleeping medication for use during the first week.  An alcohol detox takes up to 10 days, an opiate detox a similar amount of time and a benzodiazepine detox can be up to 6 weeks or longer. All medical notes taken whilst at the rehab are confidential and not shared with your own GP unless requested to do so. 

Does it matter how far away from my home the addiction treatment centre is?

Living near to an addiction rehab clinic could be useful if they offer ongoing in person Aftercare. However, some people like to access addiction treatment further away their home environment, to get entirely away from what has recently been going on in their lives. At The Haynes Clinic we offer Aftercare, in two different formats, for anyone who completes their residential addiction treatment programme.  Aftercare consists of one full day a week, at the clinic, for attendance for a year or more. As we have people coming to us from all around the Country, we also offer Zoom meetings, so no one misses out on vital ongoing support.

Can I leave addiction rehab at any time?

All addiction rehab clinics in the Country operate on the basis that they are not a “lock in” and anyone admitted for residential addiction treatment would be free to leave at any time, should they want to.  It is fortunately not that common that someone leaves addiction treatment early. If they do, it is generally because they are not ready, mentally, to get well. This is naturally very concerning for family members, and they should always be kept informed, by the clinic, if the person in treatment is wanting to leave “against medical advice.” Also, at the time of the initial enquiry it would be prudent to check what refund policy is in place, should someone leave early and also some clinics will not offer a refund if an initial deposit has been paid to secure a bed and the admission does not proceed.

Most addiction treatment centres offer 12 Step Treatment

At least 95% of all rehab clinics in the UK use the 12 Step approach to treatment that was originally developed for Alcoholics Anonymous.  The methodology was proven to be so successful that it has been incorporated for Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and other support groups for those with an addictive problem.

A wide cross section of people attend addiction rehab clinics

Generally, you will find that there is a cross section of people in treatment seeking help for not just the same but for other addictive issues. Everyone is then addressing their addictive thinking and behaviour in a similar manner through a structured timetable of daily group therapy and being introduced to attending appropriate support groups. 

Should I take notice of online reviews?

Beware of reading too much into negative reviews left by people who have attended the clinics.  Generally, the poor reviews have been left by those who have left treatment early and seem to blame the clinic if they have had a relapse. Be guided by how your initial conversation goes with a representative from the clinic and how long they have been involved in helping people with an addiction. You should get an instinct for the people and places that are genuinely caring and wanting to get the individual well (rather than just operating a business). Certainly if your addiction requires your being prescribed detox medication or if you have reached a point where you are desperate for immediate help then an addiction rehab centre is the way to be able to get near immediate help and support.