Abstinence Based Recovery

Addicts and denial

Those who struggle with addiction often find it difficult to get clean due to difficulty in getting help. The root of this problem is denial; many addicts view themselves as social drinkers, or recreational drug takers. This may be true, but it does not mean that they do not have a problem. Almost all addicts’ problems begin with recreational use. However, it can quickly spiral out of control. People often perceive addicts in a very stereotypical way – someone who has lost everything because of their habit. This may be the reality of many users’ problems, but a large proportion of addicts are able to function somewhat whilst dealing with their addiction. While this may be preferable to the alternative, it does mean that there are many addicts are able to hide behind their ability to maintain a job. The drug or alcohol problem thus continues to go on unaddressed, worsening further.

Addiction is a disease

Addiction must be viewed as more than just an inclination to over indulge in drugs or alcohol, it must be viewed as a disease. It is a disease which is able to transform perfectly normal people into self-destructive individuals. It causes people to be unable to stop what is harming them so greatly. Those who have the disease destroy their relationships with family and friends. This is because they are not the same person they were before. At the Haynes Clinic, we recognise that each recovering addict is different, and in order to achieve long term abstinence there must be a specific and detailed rehabilitation programme tailored for the individual. Addiction is a disease which cannot ever be completely cured. There must be a constant and continued focus upon abstinence.

The Haynes Clinic

At the Haynes Clinic, we aim to give addicts a set of tools which will help them to live a long, happy and sober life. We aim to focus upon the root of the problem. This involves the very reasons why people choose to take drugs or drink alcohol. Many addicts feel that there is something missing in their life which they feel that a substance will rectify. At the Haynes Clinic we wish to address this deep rooted need to abuse drugs or alcohol. We do this mainly with group counselling and by giving the addicts the attention that they so badly need.

Abstinence is key

Addicts quite simply cannot use drugs or drink alcohol in a controlled and careful way. It is in their very nature to abuse the substances. This is why many believe that abstinence based recovery is the most successful way of achieving some form of recovery. Russell Brand, for example, is a recovering heroin addict, who recently appeared in front of the government select committee in a bid to get them to introduce some form of abstinence based recovery into the national health service. He was also trying to stop the methadone treatment programme which is currently in place. This is because of the way in which methadone is used to cover up the problem of addiction for heroin addicts. It ignores the deep rooted issue which causes the problem to get worse and worse.

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Abstinence Based Recovery