Heroin dangers

Heroin is used recreationally due to the intense sense of euphoria and relaxation induced when it is taken and is arguably the world’s most addictive substance. It is also incredibly dangerous to use as many people die by a mistaken overdose. The withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop taking the drug such as a brain haemorrhage.

Heroin dangers

The most common ways of ingesting the drug are by smoking it and by injecting it. The long term risks of injecting can cause the veins to collapse and cause blood related diseases. These are then transmitted due to the fact that the needles used to inject the drug are not sanitary. It is estimated that 70% of hepatitis c cases found were caused by people injecting drugs. The dangers of heroin are made even worse by the fact that the process of taking the drug itself can be as dangerous as the effects of the drug.

Abstaining from Heroin

Even if a drug addict is able to abstain from heroin after a long period of use. Negative side effects may still continue. There is arguably a certain aesthetic associated with heroin use because of the way in which it causes people to disregard the way they look as the drug begins to take over their life. Furthermore after a prolonged period of abuse marks begin to appear all over the addicts body. This happens as they run out of veins in which they can inject. This alongside pustules on the face can cause a somewhat horrifying aesthetic.

Many ex junkies find their immune systems completely decimated by the drug. Whether this is due to many different disease’s which are transmitted via dirty needles or the general lifestyle a heroin addict leads it begs to question the toll which one’s body is taking for the miserable life of an addict.

Addiction can not be controlled

Drug addiction is never something which can be consciously controlled, especially when it comes to heroin. Maybe the addict will be able to keep their problem under wraps for months years even decades, but the disease will always overcome those who try to master it. People who try heroin are very unlikely to be able to live free from addiction. A quarter of all those who take heroin once become addicts.

It is somewhat immature for anyone to try heroin with the attitude that they will be able to master it. The ability of heroin to take control of anyone’s life is so strong that it is almost like playing Russian roulette with one’s life. If you are an addict no one will tell you that getting off of heroin is easy. This is because frankly it is not. The road to abstinence is long and hard. But if you have a true desire to get clean and if you show perseverance you can live a long and happy sober life.

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