How to Choose a Successful Rehab Clinic – Features of The Haynes Clinic

If possible, research the Rehab Clinic you want to use in advance

How to Choose a Successful Rehab Clinic – Features of The Haynes Clinic

Finally, the person we have been trying to assist in getting help for their addiction agrees to not only get help but is willing to be admitted to a residential addictions rehab or detox clinic as soon as possible.  Then our problem really starts as we begin trying to find a suitable establishment as there is a small window of opportunity before they change their minds again and decide they don’t need help. 

This is, for the majority of people, where their research is probably lacking as they are so keen to finally assist in getting that person into addiction treatment that they may make the mistake of looking for and possibly choosing the first addictions rehab at random, near to where they live, without getting a full picture of what that detox clinic or addictions treatment centre is critically offering in the way of treatment and ongoing care.

The most local and cheapest residential addiction rehab may not be the most suitable

Residential Accommodation

To a degree, actually choosing a residential addiction treatment centre, can be like finding your way through a minefield. The first consideration would either be the cost for treatment or the location in distance to the home address.  The Haynes Clinic is situated out in the countryside in Bedfordshire.  The reason that we are full or nearly full most of the time, is that people come to us from throughout the country; they are certainly not all living locally to the clinic. This is because we have been established for over 12 years and have a good reputation such that we have regularly become the first choice for anyone seeking help for any addiction. 

If at all possible we will send a member of staff to collect someone from their home address and assist in getting them in to addiction treatment from anywhere in the country.  The Haynes Clinic is also one of the very few UK addictions units that can take an admission out of normal hours, for example, in the evening or at the weekend.  The ability of being flexible with an admission time can be critical when someone has finally made that decision to get help and then needs to be admitted for addiction treatment as soon as possible. 

The importance of the 12 Step Programme in the likelihood of successful addiction treatment

The Haynes Clinic is similar to 95% of all the other addiction rehabs or addiction treatment clinics in only one way and that way is that its modality is based on the  Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Programme.  This programme has proven to be so successful in helping people change their thinking and behaviour that it has also been incorporated by other addictions such as drugs, gambling and eating. 

One of the most common questions we are asked is “what are our success rates?”  Well, if everyone left treatment and carried on with the simple directions that they had been given whilst in treatment it would be 100% but whilst the programme has proven to be infallible the problem is that we, as individuals, are not. So it is down to the commitment of every individual to be willing to continue to make changes to their thinking and behaviour, along with the continued support of The Haynes Clinic, to avoid relapsing back into their old behaviour. 

The recommended residential addiction treatment period is 28 days but we also admit for a minimum 14 day period and this shorter time in treatment could be due to restricted finances or even the inability to get sufficient time off work. The difference between the two programmes is that in the 14 days we can usually get someone detoxed, introduce them to the programme and get them part way through it. In 28 days they can get further through the programme and there will be the added benefit of having a longer period in a safe environment to break the addictive cycle.  It is a fact that there is less of a chance of a relapse the longer someone remains in treatment.

The importance of Aftercare after being in addiction rehab

For everyone that remains in treatment for 28 days there is also the added bonus of once a week Aftercare, which is held at the clinic or, for those who do not live locally, there is a Zoom aftercare meeting.  This ongoing support is included within the 28 day treatment package and is available for up to 12 months from the day of leaving the clinic.  This ongoing support can be critical as it is a further aid for anyone to discuss issues that they have, in the real world, with the therapists that they have learnt to trust whilst they were in treatment. The Haynes Clinic also offers a family programme for help with addiction and this can be accessed via Zoom meetings and this gives family and friends the support and direction that they need.

The importance of attending 12 Step Fellowship Meetings

We find that people have very mixed pre-conceived ideas about attending AA or other support groups such as CA or NA and, at The Haynes Clinic, part of the timetable will be attending groups with our peers who are also in treatment.  Their feelings can then be processed within the group therapy environment the following day as an important part of anyone’s Recovery will be the weekly attendance of similar meetings near to their home address.

Addiction rehab is confidential

Everyone who is admitted into treatment comes under the care of our doctor. Also, the medical notes that are taken during the time that anyone is in treatment are not shared, unless requested, with their own GP so the fact that they have been admitted to an addictions unit will not necessarily be on their medical record.

Adapting back to life back home after attending an addiction treatment clinic

At The Haynes Clinic, we like to feel that we are starting the process towards a bridge to normal living. Part of that thinking is adopted with the daily therapy sessions being away from the accommodation address thus separating “work” from “leisure” time. There are separate accommodation properties for both male and female and everyone has their own bedroom.

If going to the gym would get addicts well, then that is what they would do. It is a ‘nice to do’ not an important part of addiction treatment

An often asked question is “is there a gym on site?” and the answer to that is no. However we do use the facilities at the local health club and following a detox there can be attendance there once or twice a week.

At The Haynes Clinic, we feel that the most critical element for anyone being admitted into residential addiction treatment is to be able to get an understanding of the process of the 12 Step programme and to process change through our very structured daily therapy. All groups are facilitated by a qualified member of staff who is in Recovery themselves. Naturally, a detox will free the individual from the physical addiction but then there is the focus on the psychological addiction, which, if not addressed, will lead back to the old addictive thinking and behaviour and a potential relapse.