In addiction recovery – Be Positive and Grateful!

In addiction recovery - Be Positive and Grateful!

At the end of our drinking or using, most of us were in a really desperate and dark place. Things seemed hopeless. We could not see a life without our drink or drugs but we knew we could no longer live with them. If we had gone so far as to see our GP, we had probably spouted a story about how stressed and depressed we were. So been put on anti-depressants. We probably had not been truthful about our using or drinking.

We are also free of the prison that we were in when our lives revolved around our next drink or drug. The way we look at things can be illustrated by the difference between a funeral at which everyone is wearing black, crying and miserable. Thinking of the person who has gone and being deeply sad and pessimistic about life in the future without them. A service celebrating someone’s life.

Enjoy Our Surroundings

Another example is that we can choose to enjoy what is good about a holiday we are on. The lovely scenery, weather, pleasant hotel and opportunity to relax and enjoy ourselves. Or we can find fault with how hot it is, that there is no air conditioning, the service is slow.  The menu is not to our liking.

It is not difficult to develop the habit of gratitude if we make some effort.  It is too easy to be negative about and criticise others. We need to listen more and to suspend judgement. Be grateful.

Open to Ideas – Be Grateful

Even if we are proven right in the end, we have taken an important step if we have acknowledged that this might not be so. If we have opened ourselves to the possibility that we are not always right (no one ever is!). We need to be open to new ideas. The best scientists are open to new information which might prove their theories wrong. Lead them closer to the ultimate truth that they are seeking.

It is a bit like the people who look at Alcoholics Anonymous. See all the reasons it is not for them. They are not that bad, don’t have a serious problem. Have nothing in common with the people there, don’t like the ‘God’ word etc. Rather than see all the people there who want to and could help them and are happy in their addiction recovery. They are concentrating on the differences and looking for fault. Rather than on the similarities and looking for what is good in AA.

Which do you want to be – negative and in misery, or positive and contented? Be positive and grateful in addiction recovery.

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