Sex is a natural and healthy part of life, however for some people, sexual addiction and the inability to control sexual behaviours can have devastating consequences. For sex addicts, compulsive sexual urges are of such an intensity that they impact and interfere with many aspects of daily life.

As with any addiction, recovering from sexual addiction is most effective with the help of specialists in a residential sex rehab setting. At Haynes, we have a team of specialists who are able to help you gain control of your life again through sex rehab. If you would like to discuss addiction treatment available at the Haynes Clinic, contact us now..

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What is Sex Addiction?

Having a high libido and engaging in frequent sexual encounters does not make someone a sex addict. Sex addiction is a serious and destructive condition that impacts the lives of the addict as well as those around them. Those suffering from sex addiction experience sexual compulsions that they cannot control. These uncontrollable urges typically result in negative consequences on relationships, family life, work and finances.Many individuals suffering from sexual addiction have underlying mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. In such cases, sexual behaviours are often used as a way of controlling and managing these underlying conditions. As well as engaging in sexual activity with others, sexual addictions often involves compulsive sexual behaviour such as masturbation, watching pornography and visiting prostitutes. Sex rehab at our treatment centre is an effective way to help you get your life back on track.

Sex Addiction Treatment

Recovering from any kind of addiction requires commitment and determination, as well as a high level of specialist support. For this reason, we offer a 4-6 week residential sex rehab programme at the Haynes Clinic.Before beginning addiction treatment, all clients undergo a full assessment at our treatment centre. This involves an in-depth consultation with one of our clinical specialists. As part of the residential sex rehab, clients will participate in individual and group therapy sessions to explore all aspects of their addiction. Therapy is tailored to meet each client’s individual needs and sessions will run at the pace of the client.Sex rehab requires clients to be willing to open up and express themselves. With the help of our specialists, clients learn more about their addiction through exploring past experiences. They also learn to recognise triggers and find more positive ways to manage these. All clients are individually monitored and reviewed throughout the rehabilitation process. Clients work with our specialists to understand how to maintain recovery and prevent relapse.To find out more about our sex rehab programme, see the frequently asked questions below.

Sex Rehab FAQ

How effective is sex addiction treatment?
Sex rehab can be very effective for clients who have accepted that their addiction is a problem and who are willing and motivated to get well. Each client has a personalised treatment plan to ensure that the programme is as effective as possible. Our team of specialists monitor and review each client’s programme and offer additional one-to-one therapy if required.Many people have completed our sex rehab programmes and leave our clinic feeling much more in control of their lives.
Is masturbation allowed during sex rehab?
In most cases, clients are required to abstain from masturbation for at a certain period of time during sex rehab. This depends on each client’s personal situation. Following your assessment, your clinical specialist will explore which behaviours are causing you problems and discuss the way forward with you.
Can I contact family and friends during sex rehab?
You can bring a mobile phone with you to contact family and friends, however you won’t have access to it during the first week of rehab. After this, you will be able to use your phone during your free time. There is no access to wi-fi in your accommodation.
Do you continue to offer support once I have left sex rehab?
Yes, we also offer free aftercare for up to a year after the residential programme has finished to help prevent relapse. This involves face-to-face counselling as well as telephone support.
How do I contact you to discuss treatment?
If sexual addiction is impacting your life and you would like to discuss the treatment options available at our sex rehab centre, call us today on 01452 851414.