Sue Brooker

Clinic Manager
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Sue spent over 25 years working as a social researcher in London before a series of events led her to become one of the founding partners of the Haynes Clinic in 2009. As a result, Sue decided to have a total career change and to work full time helping recovering addicts. Sue comes from a close family and has 4 children.

Her family have seen her win her battle with addiction when they thought all hope was lost and they have witnessed the miracle of her recovery. Sue’s experiences have given her true understanding of how addiction affects not only the suffering individual but also the whole family.

Sue has a BA Honours degree from Exeter University

“I believe that getting well is not just about stopping drinking or using. It is about believing – and experiencing – a much better life. It is about enjoying life and feeling fulfilled. It is about waking up each morning and not having to regret the day before. It is about not having to resist the urge to drink or use (that would be hard work) but about not wanting to do it anymore. Life is there for living – before we stop we are often just existing and are pretty miserable. This can change!”