Does alcohol rehab actually work?

Does alcohol rehab actually work?

Rehabs will vary depending on the way they are set up and managed. Some will be relaxing; some will be hard work. But does alcohol rehab actually work? When you enquire you will be given all the information you need. However, for the purposes of this article, we are going to give you some recent feedback received from former clients at The Haynes Clinic to demonstrate that it does work.

Does alcohol rehab work – testimonials

“I often think back to the days at Haynes with gratitude and find memories. The care and genuine personal concern was a key factor in my finally ‘getting’ the programme.”

Terry, 5 years sober

“All is very good. Four and a half years sober on Monday… many thanks to The Haynes yet again. I finally ‘got it’….take care and keep up the life saving work”

Richard, 4 years sober

“You’ll be pleased to know that I’m almost 4 years sober and my last drink or drug was just before I came to you guys. I’ve got a full time job, I’ve got a home group and service and a great sponsor and my boyfriend and I are hoping to buy a house in the next few months. So things are really going pretty great!

Thank you so much for everything you guys did for me and the help and support whilst I was with you guys. Thank you for helping me start my journey to the life I have now and will hopefully keep having. …I am forever grateful.”

Emma, 3 years sober

“Astonishingly I remain clean and sober and can only say Haynes was a key missing element of a 1000 piece blank jigsaw puzzle and one which had eluded me for far too long. I really enjoyed my stay at Haynes …. Furthermore I walked my daughter down the aisle last Summer. I had long thought I’d not even be present – in any sense – for that one. At no point did I miss alcohol nor even register the fact.

So my deep and personal regards to all of you who helped to make this particular miracle happen at long last. (I still spontaneously burst into tears sometimes at all the deep joy in my life where once there was only sadness and total despair).”

Mark, 3 years sober.

“Life sober is amazing! I’ve not had any blips, even the thought of alcohol makes me feel sick. Thank you for your help at Haynes and taking one day at a time, everything is good. I’m still working as a carer, my colleagues have been so supportive and life at home with my children is totally different – they trust me!!”

Michelle, 2 years sober

“I’m doing great, have been sober since the clinic so almost one and a half years…. I got married last December. I’m still working as auditor and taking in-charge role of projects, so life has treated me really well since I quit drinking. I really miss the clinic and the people there!

Zoe, 1 year sober

“I was able to celebrate 18 months of sobriety at the start of this month which was a wonderful feeling. I’m moving to London next month and starting a new position. 

Audrey 1 year sober

These are just some of the recent messages we have had from former clients of the Haynes Clinic. They demonstrate that alcohol  rehab can work – and does – if you want it to. You need only attend with an open mind and heart, and be willing to learn and follow advice.

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